In the previous article, we were introduced to the Drum Practice Pad – an item that most drummers swear is important to the growth and development of a drummer.

After a quick research about the surfaces, sound levels and feel of the various practice pads in the market at the point of writing, I went ahead and purchased the: Vic Firth 6″ Double Sided Practice Pad.

So….now I’m waiting for it to arrive.

What’s a new drummer gonna do to start drumming while waiting?!?! *bangs head in boredom*

Alternatives to a Drum Practice Pad

To kill boredom and to start some form of practice and drum training, I found some alternatives to a drum practice pad while I wait! If you are in the same, painful state as I am, here are some alternatives you can consider!!

Thick Books / A Stack of Magazines

These work great too!
These work great too! Source: Wikipedia

The bounce on these is horrible. But, the wise drummers on forums argue that practice pads with less bounce helps a drummer to build arm strength while training. I guess it has it’s advantages then.

I’m using a stack of old magazines I found lying around at home. Before you start hitting these tape them together to prevent them from shifting around as you go crazy with your drum rudiments (not that I didn’t think of that before practicing…)

Get ready to change the magazine on the top depending on your strength. I left dents on mine, but I can imagine anyone who is hitting those with greater strength can actually create tears on the surface.


These should also be readily available at home. Avoid using soft feather pillows that do not hold their shapes, it’s frustrating to have to constantly adjust them (again, not that I’d know…^^) Go for the harder pillows, but do not use the memory foam ones. Depending on your strength, any damage may be permanent.


Phone Apps

There are free phone apps with drum sets that you can play using your fingers. I have fat fingers and a phone that lags. This option sucked.


Still Waiting on my Drum Practice Pad…

Although these alternatives work for now, I would prefer to start practicing on an actual drum practice pad now. The bounce and feel that I’ve seen on different videos look so much better. (Although I guess when it comes to building muscle memory for drum rudiments, these do not really matter…)


Now I really can’t wait for my Vic Firth 6″ Double Sided Practice Pad to arrive.


Watching videos of it while trashing at my stack of magazines…

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