Welcome to Drumming Basics!

Drumming Basics is a website where I share my journey to mastering the drums.

As a kid, I had always wanted to learn to play the drums however, it is considered a ‘noisy’ instrument in the family. Plus, there was limited space at home and we could not accommodate a drum set. Hence, my numerous requests were turned down.

Several years later, my passion for the drums is re-ignited. I want to learn the drum now.

Where should I start?!

Then I realised…There are many local classes, online classes and resources available in the library, bookstores, online.

How can I pick up drumming in the most fun and yet efficient way?

And so this website is born.

Here, I will share the resources that I have used, both the good and the bad.

And I hope my experience will be useful in helping fellow aspiring drum players in making decisions and to finally pick up some drum sticks and hit those drums!