Alesis Nitro Max vs Nitro Mesh

After dominating the beginner electronic drum kit space for years, the Alesis Nitro Mesh was starting to look like it needed a revamp. Alesis released the Nitro Max in late 2023, building on the well-loved features of the Nitro Mesh kit. So, Alesis Nitro Max vs Nitro Mesh, which suits you better? If you’re on … Read more

How to wash sound blankets?

If you’ve been using sound blankets to dampen sounds in your room for a while, you’d start noticing that those things could trap dust. Good news, they can be cleaned! But, depending on the material of your sound blankets, they may not be machine washable. So always check the manufacturer instructions! Here’re some common ways … Read more

5 Drumming Exercises Without Sticks

I spent the last year revenge traveling. Initially, I’d pack my practice pad and drumsticks for the road. After a few trips, I started to minimize my travel pack, and they didn’t make the list. But, drumming practice has to continue. So I relied on a couple of drumming exercises without sticks (and a practice … Read more