Best Beginner Drum Sticks [2023 update]

tl;dr: In my opinion, the best beginner drum sticks are a pair of 5A sticks because its weight and size is easy for most to get used to. I personally use the Vic Firth 5A Hickory sticks. People with smaller hands may want to try 7A sticks which are lighter. If you’ve ever walked into … Read more

Best Wood For Cajon

The Best Wood for Cajon is Maple, in our opinion. It produces a bright, balanced sound that most cajon players love. We covered the sound characteristics of other wood for cajon in the image below. So…you want to buy or build a Cajón. If you’ve been shopping around for one, you’d probably have been overwhelmed … Read more

Best Ear Protection for Young Drummers

If you’re a concerned parent who wants to support your child’s interest in drumming, this article was written for you. Getting the right drum kits and finding the perfect drum teachers for your kid are important, but in my opinion, the most essential item in your checklist should be getting the best ear protection for … Read more