Alesis Nitro Max vs Nitro Mesh

After dominating the beginner electronic drum kit space for years, the Alesis Nitro Mesh was starting to look like it needed a revamp. Alesis released the Nitro Max in late 2023, building on the well-loved features of the Nitro Mesh kit. So, Alesis Nitro Max vs Nitro Mesh, which suits you better? If you’re on … Read more

Remo Silentstroke vs Pearl Mesh Heads

E-drum kits are great options for a silent kit, but it’ll never come close to the sound and feel of an acoustic drum set. If you’re reading this, you probably agree too right? That’s probably why you’ve been researching for an alternative. Now, there are many low volume drum heads out there that will provide … Read more

Yamaha Rydeen vs Pearl Roadshow

Today we pit two popular beginner drum kits in a head to head battle to find out which is a better option for drummers. We’ve written our detailed findings below, but for now here’s a summary of their differences: Yamaha Rydeen vs Pearl Roadshow We’ll dive into the differences between the Yamaha Rydeen and Pearl … Read more

Alesis Nitro vs Yamaha DTX400K

“Should I go for the cheap Alesis Nitro or the trusted Yamaha DTX400k?” That’s a fairly common question from drummers who are looking to get their first electronic drum set. Here’s our comparison of these two popular electronic drum kits: Alesis Nitro vs Yamaha DTX400k tl;dr Our Verdict: [UPDATE] With the latest increase of Alesis … Read more

Alesis Nitro vs Roland TD-1K

Are you a ‘Generalist’ or a ‘Specialist’? That’s the key difference between the Alesis Nitro and the Roland TD-1K. And here are the rest of the differences, in a nutshell: Alesis Nitro vs Roland TD1K tl;dr Our Verdict: The Roland TD-1K is great for drummers who want a well built, features packed electronic drum kit. Alesis … Read more