Best Drum Dampeners [2021 update]

Best Drum Dampeners

Best Drum Dampeners Comparison of the best drum dampeners available in the market now Are your drums leave your ears ringing? If you are not a hard hitter, it’s probably because of the extra overtones being created. Good news? You can get rid of that ringing sound with drum dampeners, and that’s what we’re talking … Read more

Best Drum Tuning Device [2021]

You’ve painstakingly rack up your brand new drum kit. Everything is in place and you’re ready to jam to your first song. But… Your snare drum doesn’t sound as bright. The bass sounds too high. You need to tune your drum kit. Here are the best drum tuning devices out there to help you with … Read more

Best Beginner Drum Sticks [2021]

tl;dr: In my opinion, the best beginner drum sticks are a pair of 5A sticks because its weight and size is easy for most to get used to. I personally use the Vic Firth 5A Hickory sticks. People with smaller hands may want to try 7A sticks which are lighter. If you’ve ever walked into … Read more