Best Double Bass Pedals [2024 update]

So, you’ve decided to level up your kicks? 

Here’s our pick for the best double bass pedals you can get on a budget:

This article will be quite lengthy, because I’d tried to be as comprehensive as I could be, so here’s a navigation table for you to skip to different sections quickly: 


Before you continue reading, please note that the star ratings are relative to their specific category. I.E. The 4 star rating in the ‘under $100’ category is not equivalent to the 4 star rating in the ‘under $200’ category.

It would be unfair to pit pedals from different price range against each other.

Best Double Bass Pedal For The Money

Double Bass PedalPedal DriveSmoothnessCam ActionPlaying FeelBuild QualityEase of MaintenanceOverall VerdictPrice Range
Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal

Pearl P3002D Eliminator
Direct Drive*****nil*************Reliable pedal that is a popular choice among pro drummers$$$
DW 9002 Double Bass Pedal

DW 9002 Double Bass Pedal
Double Chain Pedal****Infinite Adjustable Cam *************Great offering from a trusted drum pedal manufacturer.$$$
DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal DWCP3002

DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal
Double Chain Drive***Turbo (circle cam)*********Great value mid range pedal that will last. Made it into "Amazon's Choice" for popularity too. 73 reviews averaging 4.5 stars.$
Pearl P932 Demonator

Pearl P932 Demonator
Single Chain Drive****Circle Cam (and comes with a removable off set cam) *** *** ***Another top quality pedal available at an affordable price$

In this section, we look at the best double bass drum pedals that provide the best bang for your buck. 

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal

Our Thoughts on the Pearl Eliminator P3002D

If you’re in the market for a pair of double bass drum pedals that will last the majority of your drumming journey (unless you go pro and play for a band on a regular basis), then this is it. 

First up, here’s what you get in the box:

The Pearl Eliminator (P3002D) Demon Drive pedals are direct drive pedals that provide an excellent playing experience, responsiveness and smoothness. All while balancing its great value with a fair price tag. 

This top-of-the-range pedals is known to last as well!

With the Pearl Eliminator pedals, you can definitely explore and push the boundaries of your skills on the drum kit. 

Apparently you can use it with an electronic drum kit as well: 

Warning: direct drive pedals might take a little while for new drummers and you might need to make changes to your current kick pedal technique.

Otherwise, you might want to consider the chain driven version of the Eliminator Demon double pedal instead. However, for some reason the chain driven version is not as readily available.

Key Features of Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Pedals

The Eliminator Demon Drive pedals won this category with its balanced mix between its versatile options and its price tag. 

Here are some of the key features that won my heart:

  • Click Lock Spring Tension Adjustment

Spring Tension is something that we tend to change the most often. And on most pedals, you’ll need a drum key to adjust some knobs before you can get to the setting you want. 

With the Eliminator Demon, you can adjust the spring tension with a quick release click lock that also helps to retain spring tension while you play. 

  • Duo Deck Longboard

With the long standing debate between standard short footboard vs longboards, Pearl decided to give you the best of both worlds with its Duo Deck Longboard design. 

Out of the box, it comes as a shortboard with a heel block. 

However, if you are a heavy metal drummer or tend to use the heel-toe or swivel technique when kicking fast, you can easily change the pedal into a longboard. Just remove the heel board and shift the footboard back and presto, you have a longboard double bass pedal. All instructions are provided with the manual that comes in the box too. 

Need a break from reading? Here’s a professional review from Sweetwater which gives you an idea of the key features:

  • Adjustable Traction Dots 

The Eliminator Demon’s footboard is smooth. Perfect if you’re used to playing fast on smooth footboards. 

However, if you’re like me and prefer to have a tad more grip under your feet, you can customize the feel of your own Eliminator Demon pedal just by adjusting the position of the aluminium Traction Dots on the footboard:

Pearl eliminator traction dot adjustment
  • Adjustable Footboard position

Although this is a standard we’d expect from all professional grade pedals, it’s notable that Pearl has managed to make the footboard adjustment a breeze. 

All you need is a regular drum key and you can easily adjust it using the uni-lock footboard angle cam.

Pearl even provided a gauge along its uni-lock footboard angle cam as well, so that you can keep track of different footboard angle settings while you practice.

Other than the angle of your footboard, you have the option to adjust the angle of the fulcrum between the footboard and the beater (aka the ‘Direct Link’) too! Again, all you need is the Drum Key.

Instructions are provided in the manual, so no worries.

  • Adjustable Beater Settings

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about your beater settings! (IMO, this is another common adjustment feature that most ‘pro’ pedals should have)

On the Pearl Eliminator Demon double pedals, you get to adjust the beater height and angle all using a single drum key. On top of that, you also get to choose between two Beater Holder positions; finesse or power. This option helps to push the capability of the pedal up by another notch. 

If you want to go fast, go with the ‘finesse’ option. This option has the beater slightly closer to the drum head. 

If you’re a heavy metal, metal or rock drummer, the ‘power’ option might be interesting to you! At the ‘power’ position, the beater is slight further away from the drum head which allows you to generate greater momentum for a louder and more powerful kick.

  • Hoop Clamp

Yet another important factor, the hoop clamp on a pedal determines which bass drum it can fit onto. With premium pedals like the Eliminator Demon Direct Drive Pedals, you can be sure that it will work with (almost) all the bass drums out there. 

Couple this with the beater setting to adjust the Eliminator Demon pedals to suit your drumming needs on any bass drum. Plus, if you find that your pedal is not flushed onto the floor after your installation, all you need to do is to adjust the angle of the Hoop Clamp. This can be done using

  • Dual Purpose Pedals

Like Trick Drums’ Pro 1-V (review below), the Pearl Eliminator Demon double bass pedals can be separated into two individual pedals. All you need to do is to remove the drive shaft and transfer the beater. 

If you’re a heavy metal drummer or a rock drummer who likes to use two separate bass drums, the Pearl Eliminator Demon Pedals will give you additional options when customizing your drum kit.

DW 9002 Double Bass Pedal

DW 9002 Double Bass Pedal

Our Thoughts about the DW 9002

The DW 9000 series has been around for quite a while, and many drummers still rely on it for its durability and professional grade playing experience. 

Along the years, Drum Workshop has also added in new features and improvements to their DW 9000 series pedals. So what you get today is definitely a product that has been molded by years of drumming experience.

The DW 9002 is one of the smoothest and most responsive pedals in its category. The design of any part that is involved in transmitting your pedal movement to the beater has been taken seriously;

  • The hinge that anchors the footboard at the heel block is reinforced by ball bearings for smooth movement of the pedals.
  • The spring uses DW’s patented floating swivel spring that reduces resistance and helps with pedal return
  • The double pedal linkage also helps to transmit pedal action from the auxiliary pedal to the pedal with little resistance

And the main reason it made it onto this list? 

The fact that you’re getting more than 4 different pedals, all within one single product. 

The DW 9002 double bass pedals allows you to choose between an offset cam or circle cam (or any angle between those two), as well as to choose between a chain drive pedal or a belt / strap drive pedal

Imagine that; 4 long lasting pedal options, for the price of one. Now that’s value for money no matter which type of drummer you are. You can click here to view its latest pricing and availability here.

The only reason it didn’t win this category? Well, DW’s pricing on its pedals tends to be on the premium end. Although most professional drummers would recommend the DW 9002 in a heartbeat, most non-professional drummers might think twice because of the price tag. 

On the flip side, it is a durable product that (some would say) refuses to die after decades of use. So, weigh your options and if you can spend a little more for something that will last, this chain drive pedal might be for you. 

Key Features of the DW 9002

Here’s a cool 3D animation from DW, that introduces the key features: 

  • EZ Infinite Adjustable Cam

This is an innovative cam design from DW that allows you to choose between its Accelerator (offset cam) drive, or Turbo (circle cam) drive, or any angle between these two cam designs. 

All you need to do is to loosen the screw below the cam (facing you) and shift the cam along its axis. 

This will allow professional drummers to fine tune their pedal action for greater musicality and fun. 

  • Nylon Strap included

For drummers who are curious or prefer a belt drive pedal, the DW 9002 includes a Nylon strap. 

You can change out the double chains to the nylon strap easily. All instructions are provided in the manual that comes in your box. 

  • Footboard and Beater Adjustments

You get full control of the footboard angle, beater angle, beater height and weight adjustments with the DW 9002 double pedal. And oh, if you prefer a longer footboard, DW offers the DW9002 XF

which features a footboard that is 1 inch longer than the standard DW 9002 pedals.

You also get two-way beater along with your DW 9002 pedal, with felt and plastic heads.

Here’s a video that gives you a walkthrough the DW 9002 double pedals (this is the pre-2013, older version): 

  • Thoughtful auxiliary pedal design

If you looked at the design of the auxiliary pedal, you’ll notice DW’s single post casting design. This has been thoughtfully implemented for easy placement and adjustment of the pedal position, next to the hi-hat pedal.

Very useful if you are playing in a smaller venue, or if you wish to trigger both the hi-hat and bass drum pedals at the same time.

  • Carrying Bag

Double bass pedals can be huge and difficult to lug around. The DW 9002 double pedals come with a nylon carrying case that allows you to pack your pedals efficiently if you need to travel with your drum kit. 

DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal DWCP3002

DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal DWCP3002

Our Thoughts on the DW 3002 pedals

Now, if you’re looking for an mid range pedal that will last, this is it! DW is known for their quality pedals. And the DW 3000 series double pedal will not disappoint. 

DW designed the DW 3000 series to provide an affordable pedal made with heavy duty material and fuss free set up for the new and intermediate drummers. They had removed the extra features you see on the 9000 series and kept only the essential features that make a good pedal.

For an mid range pedal, you’re getting great response and a smooth power transmission that makes this pedal a joy to drum with. 

You’ll also get the two-way beater that allows you an option of felt or plastic beater head. 

All in all, this pedal is worth a mention because of the great value it provides. 

Here’s a video of the DW 3002 pedals in action (beware of the volume before you hit play): 

What Others Say

Here’s a quick video review that will give you a summary of the pedal: 

Drummers seem to love the DW 3002 double pedal as well. (It’s the main reason this pedal made it into this category)

You can read what other drummers say here.

There was 1 drummer who broke his pedals in just three months, but he was the minority.

On the whole, everyone seems to agree that it offers the best value for money, for a mid range pedal. And that the DW 3002 double pedals are very responsive and well built. Most also agree that this is very similar in feel to the DW 5000 series pedals, which makes it a great buy. 

Key Features of the DW 3002 double bass pedals

Here are some of the key features of the DW 3002 double bass pedals that are noteworthy.

If you need a break from reading, here’s a pretty in-depth review of the DW 3000 double bass pedals: 

  • Double Chain Drive

I love that DW provided a double chain (instead of a single chain) for their 3000 series pedals. 

I am slightly biased against single chain pedals (especially if the pedals are more than $200), because I feel that they are slightly more flimsy compared to their double chain counterparts.

Hence, if you are able to, I’d advise that you save up a little more and avoid single chain pedals. Especially if you do not plan on upgrading your pedals in a while. Click here to find out more about the DW 3000 double pedals

  • 2 way beater

The 2-way beaters included allow you to choose between felt or plastic beater heads.  This means you have the option of using the DW 3002 pedals on your electronic drum kit.

  • Adjustments

As with most pedals, you can adjust the footboard angle, beater angles, beater height and spring tension on the DW 3000 double bass pedals.

An adjustment gauge with markings is also provided, so that you can take note of your setting for quick set up or switch overs.

All the tools (drum key and allen wrench) required for adjustments are provided. You can stick the drum key onto the base of the pedal for easy reach too.

  • Bearing Spring Rocker

A unique spring rocker assembly that helps to retain tension and helps to increase the efficiency of your return stroke.

  • Single Post Casting

This is the same design that comes with the 9000 series (see above). 

The single post casting design on the auxiliary pedal allows you to place the pedal right next to the hi-hat pedal. This will allow you to be able to play both the hi hat and bass drum pedals at the same time.

  • Non slip base

The DW 3002 double pedal comes with a sturdy ad heavy steel base plate that will hold the pedals down. 

You’ll also find velcro strips on the base as well as two adjustable spikes on the sides of the pedal that will help keep the pedal from slipping as you drum. 

  • Carrying case

Oh, by the way, this pedal doesn’t come with a carrying case.

Pearl P932 Demonator

Pearl P932 Demonator

Our Thoughts on the Pearl P932 Demonator

I’m glad that Pearl has a mid-tier pedal that fits into this category. It is about $20 more than the Tama HP200 pedal but you are paying for its quality and trustworthy reliability with the P932 Demonator pedals.

The Pearl P932 Demonator pedals are like a stripped down version of Pearl’s top of the range Demon series pedals. You don’t have the fine tuning options and other bells and whistles. But you do get a single chain driven double pedal that is built with the same design principles. 

These pedals are as smooth and responsive as you can get at this price range. They do feel slightly heavier than the Demon series pedals. But there is definitely no lag from both pedals even while playing fast. And for a pair of single chain drive pedals, these remained fairly sturdy while playing too. 


(beware of sudden loud volume from cymbals)

It’s commendable that there’s little to no lag from the slave pedal. And best of all, the shaft remains relatively steady even when the drummer is going crazy on the pedals. 

It was a tough battle between the Tama HP200 and the Pearl P932 in this category, and the Demonator lost out only due to its price. 

However, the Pearl P932 Demonator does have an edge against the Tama HP200. You get both a circle and offset cam with this pedal and that allows you to tune the way your beaters react to your kicks. 

If you’re a new drummer who is still curious about the difference between an offset cam and a circle cam, this pedal is something you can consider. 

I mean for just an additional of ~$20, you get the option to play both types of cams. These are usually sold as separate pedals, especially at this price range. In fact, I have not come across an equally good quality pedal with interchangeable cams in this price range.

The P932 Demonators are longboard pedals that are suitable fore drummers who prefer the heel toe technique for fast double bass drumming.

What Others Say about the Pearl Demonator

The Pearl P932 Demonator is a popular double bass pedal, even among drummers. 

It has managed to maintain a high 4.5 average rating with over 128+ reviews. You can read them here.

Pearl even got Cooperdrummer to speak about the pedals: 

skip to 1:30 to hear about the pedals

Most drummers are blown away by the quality and response they get on the P932 double pedals. Some professional drummers even have these in their van as a pair of backup pedals when they gig. 

The general consensus about the Demonator pedal is that it is well built and provides a satisfactory playing experience, allowing drummers of different skill levels to pick up the right double bass pedal technique.

Key Features of the Pearl Demonator

Before we jump straight into the key features of the P932 Demonator pedals, here’s what you can expect in the box: 

It is relatively easy to set up the drive shaft and everything you need can be found in the box.

  • Powershifter

The PowerShifter function is a patented design by Pearl and can be found on their top tier pedals. 

I was surprised that they didn’t remove this from the P932 Demonator pedals. 

With the PowerShifter, you can adjust the ‘length’ of the footboard and choose between a light feel (for faster kicks), or a heavy feel (for more powerful kicks). This is definitely one feature that you’ll not find in most budget or entry level pedals.

This adjustment can be down by shifting the anchor of the footboard. You’ll need to remove the flat head screws found on the underside of the pedal to do this. Pearl has provided the Hex Wrench required for this adjustment.

  • Click-Lock spring tension adjustment

I’m glad Pearl kept this design on the P932 Demonator pedals. 

This allows you to unlock the spring tension adjustment with a flick of their click lock, AND helps to retain spring tension as you play. There’s no need to worry that the spring tension might come loose especially when you play fast. 

  • Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle

It’s good to note that the P932 Demonator pedals come with an infinitely adjustable beater angle. 

With budget pedals, it is common to have the beater adjustable only within fixed angles. This can be a pain if there are assembly issues or clamping issues that can cause the beater to NOT reach the bass drum head. Hence, it’s great that Pearl kept this feature in the Demonator pedals as well.

The footboard angle adjustment is dependent on the beater angle. This is not too big of deal because Pearl has included the PowerShifter function in this pedal.

  • DuoBeat 2 Way Beater

With the Pearl P932 Demonator Pedals, you get Pearl’s 2-way DuoBeat Beaters, with the option to play using a felt or a plastic head.

These come with Pearl’s control core that helps to reduce impact. In addition, they are rather lightweight that allows you to fast. 

You can choose to place additional weights on the beaters if you need to. 

You will also have the option to adjust the height of the beater along the beater holder.

The above adjustments can be done using the drum key that comes with the pedals.

  • Dual Purpose Pedals

According to the manual, you can convert the P932 Demonator double pedals into single pedals just by shifting the spring assembly and beater. 

This gives you the additional option to use the P932 Demonator pedals with separate bass drum pedals which may come in handy depending on the type of music you play.

  • Non Slip Features

You’ll find rubber pads at the ends of the base plates on the P932 pedals. And, have access to anchor bolts with spikes that allow you to grip onto carpeted surfaces. These will help to reduce the chances of the pedals slipping or moving about while you play.

Best Double Bass Pedal for Heavy Metal Drummers

Double Bass PedalPedal DriveSmoothnessCam ActionPlaying FeelBuild QualityEase of MaintenanceOverall VerdictPrice Range
Trick Pro 1-V Double Detonator

Trick Pro 1-V Double Detonator
Direct Drive******nil***************Top grade pedal, well worth its price.$$$$
Axis Longboards X Double Bass Pedal (Axis X2)

Axis Longboards X Double Bass Pedal
Direct Drive*****nil ***********Verdict: Little known pedal model that seems to get raving reviews everywhere$$$

IF you’re a heavy metal drummer, you’re a special bunch. Here are the best double bass pedals for you:

Trick Pro 1-V BigFoot

Trick Pro 1-V Double Detonator

You can get the Trick Drums Pro 1-V bigfoot from any of Trick Drums’ distributors.

Our Thoughts on the Trick Pro 1-V

The Trick Drums Pro 1-V series remains a popular pedal…of debate. 

It provides a highly responsive playing experience with its smooth transmission. 

However, due to its extreme fluidity, the Pro 1-V Double Detonator with direct drive might not be suitable for all drummers. Some have lament that this pedal is too difficult to control. That is understandable, especially if you’re not used to direct drive bass drum pedals.

Personally, the playing experience is definitely enjoyable once you have grasp the appropriate technique.

With double bass pedals, the presence of the drive shaft that connects the left pedal to the left beater can often times be a source of friction and lag. On the Pro 1-V double detonator, there is zero lag and the left pedal responds well to every kick. 

It is also easy to set up and adjustments are easy to make, due to the Pro 1-V’s unique design.

If you’re a heavy metal drummer, this pedal is the perfect option for you. It allows you to kick at light speed, while giving you options to play powerful kicks as well.

Here’s a speed test from death metal drummer, Simone Piras:

Trick Drums offers a chain driven version of the Pro1-V double pedals as well. For some reason, these are more difficult to find. If you’re not used to or dislike direct drive pedals, look for the chain drive versions instead.

If the double bass pedal set isn’t available, fret not. You can purchase two separate Pro 1-V chain driven pedals and the beater shaft separately as well. (Although doing this will cost more…)

Key Features of the Trick Pro 1-V

Trick Drums’ Pro 1-V Double Pedals are known for their speed, fluidity and durability. 

It is said to be made of aerospace grade material, and manufactured using high precision CNC engineering technology. The only direct competitor to this (that I know of) is the DW Machined pedal series. DW is of course a more established brand in the drums industry, hence the Machined pedal series are priced slightly higher than the Pro 1-V.

  • Compression Spring 

With Trick Pro 1-V’s innovative design, they have replaced the traditional expansion spring (found at the side of most pedals) with a compression spring. 

The compression spring is said to be more durable and provides greater efficiency and response to the pedal.

  • Easy Spring Tension Adjustment

Most pedals require a drum key or the turning of nuts to adjust the spring tension. 

With the Pro 1-V, all you need to do is the turn the knob that is facing you. It is of a good size and is conveniently located next to the cam. 

  • Independent adjustment of the beater and footboard

The split-cam design on the Pro 1-V allows drummers to adjust their beater angle and footboard height independently, using any drum key. 

A gauge is also provided to allow drummers to take note of different settings should they need to switch between songs.

  • Dual Purpose

If you’re a heavy metal drummer, read this section!

Heavy metal drummers (and some rock drummers) prefer to have two bass drums instead of one. This gives you greater control and variability in your music.

The Pro 1-V double detonator is basically made up of two Pro 1-V single pedals joined together with a drive shaft. 

With this design, you have the option the break the double detonator into two separate bass pedals which can now be used to trigger two separate bass drums. 

Is that cool or cool?

  • Casing

The Trick Pro 1-V pedals are built tough and do not come with a casing. Many drummers just pack it into a regular clothbag during transport, and they have survived tough travelling conditions, as claimed by many gigging drummer.

You can however, find the official hard case from Trick Drums here or look for more affordable alternatives to pelican hard cases here.

What Others Say about Trick Pro’s 1-V pedals

Here’s an in-depth video review of the Trick Pro 1-V double pedals by Kevin Paradis: 

Do note that he is using the Pro 1-V BigFoot instead.

The basic mechanism is the same, but the BigFoot version has a larger footboard. You should go to the BigFoot version if you’re using the Heel-Toe or Swivel Technique to play fast riffs.

Axis Longboards X Double Bass Pedal (Axis X2)

Axis Longboards X Double Bass Pedal (Axis X2)

Our Thoughts on the Axis Longboards X

These are starting to get too expensive, it’s no longer a best option. I’m leaving our initial thoughts on the features here because they are still valid as of update.

Although little known by mainstream drummers, Axis is a favorite among the heavy metal drummers. And you know you’re onto something when a brand is on almost every heavy metal drummer’s lips.

Everyone seemed to have heard about it from another drummer, and yet there’s so little coverage of it by the ‘influencers’. With a niche group of strong supporters, this might be the real deal. Be warned though, the Axis pedals have a strong following that leans towards heavy metal and death metal drummers. 

The Axis Longboard X are direct drive pedals that are very responsive and smooth. Definitely one of the leaders in the direct drive pedals scene. 

If the Trick Pro 1-V feels too slick and gimmicky with its innovations, then the Axis Longboards X is like its humble cousin. There is almost no marketing. (I mean so far, I’ve only seen word of mouth marketing by real drummers.)

What Others Say about the Axis Longboard Pedals

You can read what other drummers say about the Axis Longboards X here.

The Axis X comes with standard footboard sized pedals, but at the time of writing, I can’t seem to find any on sale.

Or, you can watch this video review: 

Skip to 2:15 to listen and watch how the pedals perform during play.

You can check out their impressive list of Artists here too. 

Key Features of the Axis Longboard X pedals

Not the best folks in packaging, but here’s what you get inside the box: 

curious dog not included

Setting up this double bass drum pedals is a breeze, skip to 1:30 of the video above to see how it’s done.

  • (Optional) Microtune Spring Tension Adjustment

This is an optional add on. 

The Micro-tune adjustment allows you to fine tune your spring tension on the fly, using a drum key to turn a knob above the spring, facing you. 

There are no additional nuts and bolts to turn, just a single knob. 

Now, due to the ease of spring tension adjustment system, some drummers have mentioned that the spring breaks easily. Others argue that the spring only broke because it was set way over its max settings. This is a debate I’ll NOT get into here because it’ll take a while for me to break the spring on a pedal. 

If you choose not include this add on, fret not. You’re still able to adjust the spring tension via the nut screw at the bottom of the spring, like most pedals.

  • Dual Purpose Pedals

With the Axis X double bass pedals, you have the option to remove the drive shaft and transfer the beater onto the auxiliary or slave pedal to get two separate pedals. 

This function may not seem like much. But you’ll definitely find that it’ll open more doors and opportunities when you decide to expand your drum kit in the future. Especially if you’re into metal or rock drumming.

  • Footboard and Beater Adjustments

As with most pedals, you’ll be able to adjust the footboard angle, beater angle and beater height using a drum key or an allen wrench. 

Axis Longboard S vs A series

The Axis X series comes with a fixed driver designed for powerful drumming. However, this means you can’t adjust the leverage you get on the pedal to beater ratio.

On the Axis A series, you’ll get a variable drive lever that allows you to adjust leverage of the pedal. This will give you control over how heavy or light the pedal feels and to tweak between a faster or a more powerful pedal. 

  • Well built drive shaft 

On the Axis Longboards X, you’ll find a tough drive shaft that is built to last. 

And most importantly, it provides little to no resistance from the action of the slave pedals so that you can go as fast as you need to. 

  • Hoop Clamp

Zero fuss and simple to use, the hoop clamp on the Axis Longboards X allows you to fit the pedals onto any bass drums.

  • No Casing Provided

The only 3 star review the Axis X Pedals got, was because they didn’t come with a carrying case. 

This isn’t an important feature to me. But if having a carrying case is important for your drumming needs, do take note of this! 

Oh, you could purchase a carrying case from Axis Percussion, or find a cheaper (non-branded) hardcase. We covered some of the best Pelican / Hard case alternatives for musicians here.

It’s not all roses. Since Axis increased their pricing on the Longboards X, I’ve started to see negative reviews on the quality of these pedals. Here’s a 20 mins rant honest video review. Nekro raises some key concerns on the beater and a lack of customer service, you should take note of these before considering Axis.

Best Double Bass Pedal Under $200

Double Bass PedalPedal DriveSmoothnessCam ActionPlaying FeelBuild QualityEase of MaintenanceOverall VerdictPrice Range
Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra
Single Chain Drive****Offset cam (Power Glide)**********High quality drum pedal available at an entry level price.$$
MAPEX P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedals

MAPEX P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedals
Single Chain Drive***Circle cam******A popular and affordable choice among drummers with 133+ reviews, averaging 4 stars$
GP Percussion DP778TN Double Bass Pedals

GP Percussion DP778TN Double Bass Pedals
Double Chain Drive**Circle cam****Cheapest pedal in this range that provides decent performance.$

Don’t need a “top-of-the-range” double pedal?

In this section, we’ll be looking at the Best Double Bass Pedals Below $200

Be warned that at this price range, you’ll start to find some bad apples with poor build quality. Hence always do your due diligence, especially if you’re considering any brands that are relatively unheard of. 

Now, let’s get into the reviews of the best entry level double bass pedals that made it into the list!

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra

Our Thoughts on the Tama HP200P Iron Cobra

The Iron Cobra pedals are Tama’s flagship products. The HP200 series is designed to give new drummers access to a well designed pedal at an entry level price. 

For its price point, you get a valued for money double bass drum pedals, built using the same design principles that made the Iron Cobra series famous. 

Here’s how they performed on a drum kit: 

The Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra double pedals are pretty smooth and responsive for an entry level pedal. The only downside is that it runs on a single chain drive, although most users did not identify that as a disadvantage.

It is rather sturdy even when you play fast, and the drive shaft joints are silent too. No signs of any squeaking from these pedals.

If you’re used to a pro grade pedal, you might find the Tama 200 pedals a tad heavier. But it’s nothing that you wouldn’t be able to get accustomed to. Some drummers have these pedals on hand as a back up during live gigs. 

Overall, the Tama HP200PTW pedals provide the best value for money while costing less than $200. 

My verdict is that this pedal hits the sweet spot between affordability and features, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a durable pedal that will not hurt your bank account.

What Others Say about the Tama HP200PTW

Here’s quick and balanced video review of the Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra [5 mins]:

A complain on the HP200PTW is that the slave / auxiliary pedal tends to shift about, even when the spikes have been extended. Otherwise, these pedals remain pretty popular among drummers, garnering a 4.5 star review. You can read what other drummers say here.

Most drummers tend to be skeptical when they see double pedals offered at the Tama 200’s price point. Most of the drummers who left a review were blown away by the quality of the Tama HP200PTW pedals. So that’s a good sign.

Key Features of the Tama HP200P Iron Cobra

You’ll find that the Tama 200 series comes with 2 key features taken directly from the pro level Iron Cobra 900. These design features are what made the Iron Cobra a popular name among drummers. 

  • Spring Tight Adjustment

Similar to the spring adjustment system on the professional grade Tama 900 Iron Cobra, this helps to retain spring tension even as you play. 

It can get annoying when the spring tension loosens as you drum, and this is especially true with poorly built pedals. So look out for it!

The spring tight also allows for relatively easy spring tension adjustment using the two nuts below the spring. Here’s a demonstration by Sweetwater:

  • Power Glide Cam

This offset cam uses the same Power Glide design that you’ll find on the Tama 900 Iron Cobra power glide series. 

It increases the angle of beater movement the deeper you go on the pedal, optimizing for a more powerful kick.

  • Drive Shaft

The extendable drive shaft allows you to adjust the distance between your pedals. 

It also has little to no lag from the slave pedal to the beater, which makes the Tama 200 double pedals such a great product. 

In addition, they are very silent!

This pedal cannot be used as two separate drum pedals. You can however, take out the second beater and pedal to get 1 single pedal.

  • Dual side beaters

You also get dual side beaters with the Tama HP200PTW with felt and plastic heads. This will give you the option to pair this pedal with any electronic drum kit with a mesh bass drum head.

  • Adjustments

You can adjust the beater angle (and footboard angle along with it) on the Tama HP200PTW to suit your drum set up and playing style 

These adjustments can be made easily, using the drum key that comes with the pedal.

MAPEX P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedals

MAPEX P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedals

P.S. the Mapex P500TW pedals may be out of stock at major online stores. For a small top up (and still below $200), consider the double chain Mapex P600TW instead.

Our Thoughts on the MAPEX P500TW

Mapex is a relatively well established drumming brand with its own following of professional and recreational drummers. They have a range of top tier products as well. 

The P500TW is an entry level double bass pedal that comes with an enticing price tag. 

It works on a single chain drive and offers acceptable response and smoothness. It’ll be useful to maintain and lubricate the pedal regularly. 

Being a single chain driven pedal, do expect some wobble especially if you are playing fast.

The footboard is about 12 inches, a standard size.

Overall, it is a functional, relatively fuss free pedal that you can get at a low price (about $120 at the point of writing). Suitable for new drummers who want to give double bass pedals a try, for the first time: 

It’s also suitable for beginner drummers who want a relatively good upgrade from budget stock pedals.

What Others Say about the MAPEX P500TW

This pedal caught my eye with its high ratings and reviews. 

Most would agree that this is an excellent double bass drum pedals for beginners on a budget. The build quality is relatively consistent and the pedal is rather versatile. 

Of course, don’t expect it to be gig-ready at this price point. Some drummers have mentioned that this pedal does not hold well when you try to play fast. However, it is relatively fuss free and functional as a practice pedal.

Read what 133+ drummers say about the Mapex P500TW here

Here’s a balanced video review on the P500TW:

skip to 4:50 for details

Key Features of the Mapex P500TW pedals

Here are the main features you can expect with the Mapex P500TW double bass pedals: 

  • Adjustments

As with most pedals, you have the option to adjust the spring tension and beater / footboard angle (they are not independent adjustments).

Drummers have mentioned that they had changed out the stock spring and that has significantly increased the durability of the pedals. So, if you’re worried about the spring breaking, this is an option to keep in mind.

  • 2 way beater

You’ll receive two way beaters with the Mapex P500TW with felt and plastic heads. Some drummers have mentioned that these felt a little too heavy.

You can switch them out with lighter beaters that are easily available at any good music store.

If you need a pair of cheap and relatively reliable double bass pedals for your electronic drum kit, this is an option that you can consider.

Here’s how it works with an Alesis Nitro Kit:

  • Non Slip Base 

The base of the Mapex P500TW are not made of a single solid piece of metal, instead there is a hole just below the pedal. I guess this is done to cut the cost in order to offer the pedals at such competitive prices. 

The rest of the base are covered with a rubber non slip base. 

You’ll also find adjustable screw spikes at both sides of the pedals to help hold them down when you play. We did not see any complains about the pedal slipping in the reviews.

  • Value for money

The reviews are pretty consistent on this; the Mapex P500TW double bass pedals are superbly valued for money.

Just keep in mind that these are entry level pedals and manage your expectations. 

GP Percussion DP778TN Double Bass Pedals

GP Percussion DP778TN Double Bass Pedals

Our Thoughts on GP Percussion DP778TN

GP Percussion is a brand that I’ve long associated with junior drum kits and budget drum gears (think Walmart standard of budget). 

Their DP778TN double bass pedals hover between $90 to $129, depending on the availability of any offers hence it ended up being upgrade to this category. 

It is in the uncomfortably low price range of double bass pedals, so you’ll have to note that you might be taking a risk on the build quality of these pedals. It might be an unfair comparison to place them in this category, however we’re going by non-sales price so here they are.

Depending on your luck, you’ll get either a functional pedal that can last quite a bit. Or, a misaligned pedal that needs a bit of tweaking.

This double chain drive pedals feel a little heavy and are not as responsive as the other pedals in this category. 

Plus, the drive shaft tends to squeak. This sound is easily muted by the bass drum when you play, however you might need to get some lubricant on hand to keep everything moving smoothly.

To be honest, it looks like one of those cheap white label products, sold as a budget bass drum pedal. I.e. the same pedal is being sold as different models under different brands. However, during the point of writing, the price of this pedal is pretty standard across the different brands.

However, if you are really tight on budget but desperate for a double bass drum pedal, the GP Percussion DP778TN pedal is one that you can consider for the short term.

You might have issues finding support online with GP Percussion directly. However, the box does come with contact details. 

And oh, it doesn’t seem to come with any instructions or manual.

What others say about GP Percussion’s double pedal

Majority of the reviews have positively rated the GP Percussion DP778TN. Read what they have to say here.

A minority mentioned that theirs had broken within days or weeks of getting the pedal, while others say that the pedals are still going fairly strong despite heavy usage and fast kicking practice. It seems that its variable build quality is one risk that you might want to be aware of.

Others have complained that the screws might come loose quite often, so you’d want to be fastening all the joints regularly.

Drummers on forums and on YouTube have mentioned brands like ‘Griffin’ and ‘Vex Pro’ offering pedals that look similar and have similar features. 

Here’s a video review on the GP Percussion DP778TN: 

Key Features of GP Percussion DP778TN pedals

Here are the main features you can expect with the DP778TN double bass pedals: 

  • Major Adjustments

You can make key adjustments like the spring tension, angles of the beater and footboard (these are linked), on the GP Percussion pedals as well.

This means you’d be getting a pair of bass drum pedals that can be tweak to suit your drum kit and playing style.

A drum key is included, you can use that to make these adjustments.

  • Dual Purpose Pedals

I was surprised that the GP Percussion FP778TN double bass pedals allowed you to split the pedals into two separate pedals. 

I think this is one of the redeeming qualities of this pedal. 


Because this means you can still use either pedal as a single bass drum pedal, should it start to malfunction or break on either pedal. Or if the drive shaft starts to get too squeaky…

But alas, the pedals don’t come with any instructions, so you’ll need to figure out how to convert the pedals from a double bass configuration into two single pedals.

  • Multi-head beaters

As a sweet icing on the cake, you get multi-head beaters with the GP Percussion DP778TN double pedals. 

Modeled like the Quadbeater from the Pearl Eliminator Redline series, you get two felt and two plastic heads at different angles for different sound qualities. 

These are of the standard size, so you should be able to fit them onto other pedals as well.

Plus, you can also pair it with an electronic drum kit.

Best Double Bass Pedal Under $100

Double Bass PedalPedal DriveSmoothnessCam ActionPlaying FeelBuild QualityEase of MaintenanceOverall VerdictPrice Range
Signature Music Pro 7199 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Signature Music Pro 7199
Double Chain Drive**Circle cam*****Passable budget pedal among drummers$

Tight on budget but need a pair of double bass drum pedals that are reliable and work? 

In this section, we’ll be looking at the Best Double Bass Pedals Below $100

Don’t be so quick to dismiss this category of bass pedal, especially if you’re a desperate drummer who wants to start learning your double kick techniques. 

If you put in enough effort, you’ll be able to find reliable pedals that function smooth enough for you to kickstart your drumming today, instead of waiting for a couple more months or years. We look out for quality pedals that have been given the stamp of approval by real drummers.

With that said, I’d only managed to find one that I was comfortable with putting onto the list. So here it is: 

Signature Music Pro 7199 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Signature Music Pro 7199 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Our Thoughts on the Signature Music Pro 7199

If you are desperate or are not sure if you want to invest in a good pair of double bass drum pedals just yet, the Signature Music Pro 7199 is a good way to get your feet wet. 

At less than $100, don’t expect it to last for decades. You get what you pay for.

On the flip side, it is functional and relatively responsive. The drive shaft on this cheap pedal works relatively well with little lag and almost no squeaking sounds once it was set up. The lag will probably not be detectable by new drummers who have never used a double bass drum pedals.

However, with cheap double bass pedals like these, you’ll have to keep in mind their price tag and the variance in quality control that comes along. 

Depending on your luck, you might get a pedal with loose screws. You’ll need to tighten everything up before you play. 

You’ll only get felt beaters with the Signature Music Pro 7199, so you can’t use them with your electronic drum kits right out of the box. You can however, choose to change the beaters. 

Overall, I’m not trying to bash this pedal. It can be a cheap alternative for a double bass pedal, suitable for new drummers who want to give double bass techniques a go. 

However, if you are certain that you’ll be using double bass pedals for the long term, you might want to skip this pedal and go for something else.

What Others Say about the Signature Music Pro 7199 pedals

The reviews on the Signature Music Pro 7199 are mixed.

Cheap gear often attracts many buyers, however the variance in quality is something you’ll have to take into consideration. 

Although it works on a double chain drive, there have been complains of its weak chain link. It’ll probably not last very long.

You can read drummers reviews here.

Here’s a video review on the pedals:

The same drummer experienced some lag on his drive shaft about 5 months in. 

Key Features of the Signature Music Pro 7199 pedals

  • Dual Purpose Pedals

With the Signature Music Pro 7199, you have the option to covert it from a double bass drum pedal into two single drum pedals.

This allows you to be able to play on two separate bass drums in your set up.

And, also serves as a fallback for any malfunctions. Should either pedal break, you’ll still end up with a functional single pedal.

  • Beater angle

There isn’t any way to adjust the beater angle directly. However, on the side there are screw hole positions that lets you choose between three beater angle. 

However, that function was probably designed to allow you to tweak the ‘heaviness’ of the pedal to select between a faster response or a more powerful pedal instead of giving you the ability of changing the actual beater angle. 

The footboard angle can’t seem to be adjusted either. 

  • Spring Tension Adjustment

The tension adjustment on the Signature Music Pro 7199 is pretty standard.

You can loosen the nut screws at the bottom to the springs to tighten or loosen the tension. 

However, it has been observed to have poor spring tension retention, so you’ll probably need to adjust or recalibrate your spring tension frequently.

  • Hoop Clamp

The Signature Music Pro 7199 double pedals come with a minimalist hoop clamp design. 

The clamp does not come with rubber feet, so if you’re using an expensive bass drum, you’ll want to use a cloth or find some rubber feet for the clamp to prevent damages to your bass drum hoop. 

  • Non Slip Features

You’ll find extendable spikes on the inside of these Signature Music Pro pedals that allow you to grip onto drum mats or carpets.

Do note that these should not be used on non-carpeted flooring as it might damage the flooring. This is pretty standard across all pedals. 

The base also has a rubber padding that will reduce slippage or movement on smoother floors.

Alternative ways to find good double bass drum pedals

Ok, I get it. 

You want a pair of double bass drum pedals of the entry level or intermediate level, for cheap. 

Well…it’s really possible to find such deals but it’s really up to your luck and how much effort you can put in to digging out such treasures. 

Typically, top range pedals do last for decades if well maintained.

We’ve heard of drummers using their Iron Cobra (900 series) and Pearl Eliminator (Demon series) for decades, and they are still going on those pedals. 

So what you can do is to hit garage sales or thrift shops to search out these pre-loved treasures. 

It’s not going to be an easy find, but hey if you’re tight on budget and have some time to spare, these are definitely viable avenues. 

The downsides of purchasing second hand pedals is that you’ll be taking the risk on the condition of the pedal. And, you’d usually have to spend time cleaning out and lubricating the old pedals. Perfect if you are comfortable with tinkering around with your drum gear.

Another avenue is to look out for trade in deals at your local music stores.

These may offer great deals, especially during the sales season. Plus, you get to try the equipment most of the time.

Personally, I’d prefer to get brand new pedals as I enjoy the peace of mind.

A better way to upgrade to Double Bass Drum Pedals

With double bass pedals, you’re essentially getting two connected bass drum pedals, hence be prepared to fork out about 2x – 3x the price of a single bass drum pedal.

However, buying a brand new pair of double bass drum pedals isn’t your only option.

If you are currently using a reliable mid range pedal, you can check if the pedal can be converted to a double bass pedal. 

Most notable single pedal models can be easily converted into a double bass pedal with the right drive shaft. 


I’ve researched over 27+ double bass pedals before reducing and streamlining down to the 10 pedals that were listed above. 

You should be able to find a double bass pedal suitable for your budget and drumming needs above. 

Now, I understand that most drummers who would be looking for double bass drum pedals are heavy metal, death metal or even rock drummers. Hence, I’ve included a section just for you too. (click here to skip to it)

2 thoughts on “Best Double Bass Pedals [2024 update]”

  1. You have a picture of the Pearl P-932 single chain drive double bass kit, listed for the
    P-3000D demon pedal set, Wrong!
    Please put the right set of pedals for the description listed.
    although its basically the same pedal set short of the boards, drive shaft and direct drive
    witch I plan on updating my 932 set to. for about $160.00, I can get the links and drive shaft!
    And the key is the drive shaft.
    The P-932 has a cheap drive shaft (as well as many other kits with this type of drive) and the universals are prone to wear out and get sloppy. (Mine where rusty when I got the kit so had to lube them up) pedal would not return (tight)
    I dont think I will ever wear mine out, as I am a newbie closet/garage drummer!! (like I should have an opinion anyway) what do I know.
    and a big thank you for posting, all this good info!!
    Been playing acoustic drums for a year now, learning at 55 years old! ha ha, but I enjoy it and seem to have a knack for it, but now I have a new P-932 pedal kit (witch I have not seen for under $200.00 as you stated) $245.00 is the going price, I got mine at a pawn shop for $120, new, (scored)
    I also have a Alesis SR-16 drum machine, I had no idea what it was or how to use it, (got it all free with the drums and had no power supply) it was all going to the dump! I was offered it and couldn’t stand to see it get tossed and always wanted to try the drums so I drug it all home! mostly old kid stuff, Precision plus 19″ Bass, 15″ floor tom, Delrey 14X5 snare and two toms. Pearl rototom, first act,16″ Bass (used as a tom) pulse single chain pedal, and some messed up symbols. what a mess! But I soon learned about tuning and got them to sound ok, I guess.
    Then I upgraded to a TAMA 22″ Bass and right tom, (found at a yard sale for$2.00) score! friend brought me over a couple symbols, crash, china crash and rides to barrow.
    it all needs replaced! skins are worn and junk but for me, it makes my ears happy!
    Just got the Alesis up and running yesterday, so now I have a nice ticker/metro dome?? to help me with my timing, (the thing is complicated and does tons of stuff) I got the manual downloaded for the web site as well as some other PDF’s (sweet)
    So will spend allot of time learning it, but from what I read, it’s an essential for a drummers tool box, so scored again!
    Couldn’t get any sound out of it at first! I had the wrong power supply, (9 V DC apposed to 9 AC) oop’s. thought it was junk at first, did the happy dance when I got it to work 🙂
    Now I can practice my timing, (witch I thought I was pretty good at) needs work.
    But just glad to have all this good info at my finger tips! and have learned a ton from people like you and other drummers etc..,
    Thank you so much.
    I’ll be back!
    Of course there is allot more to my story but I all ready gave you way to much T.M.I. Sorry I dont get out much and dont do social media, face book etc… and have no friends, I’m Off the grid and in the garage, that’s where u can find me!
    I used to work on cars/trucks, now I work on 4-4 beats! ha ha!
    take care and be safe and drum on!
    have a great day! and many thanks

    • Hey Terry! thanks for pointing these out! I’ll relook at the prices again, it seems that i’ve place the pedals under the wrong categories in my excitement 🙁
      Your story kept me on the edge, thank goodness you gave the Alesis SR-16 a chance!


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