Electronic Drums vs Acoustic Drums

If you’re an aspiring drummer looking to get your first drum kit and start your journey in drumming, you’ll probably ask these questions at some point – “should I get an electronic drum kit or an acoustic set up?“, “what are the differences?” and “is it ok to learn drumming on an electronic drum kit?“. … Read more

How to Choose a Bass Drum Pedal

Bass drum pedals to your feet are like drumsticks to your hands. They connect you with your drum kit and with the right practice, you’ll be able to drum fast and rhythmically with them. With bass drum pedals we want to keep it simple, find a good durable model and (almost) never have to worry … Read more

How to Choose Drum Heads

If you have been drumming on your acoustic drum kit for a while now, you might notice that your drums are starting to sound weird or that they no longer seem to stay in tune. Often, these are signs that you’ll need to change your drum heads. You’re probably here because its the first time … Read more