Best Leather Stick Bags for Drummers

I love shopping for leather stick bags made specifically for drummers. In my opinion, they are the best way for drummers to store and carry our drumsticks around conveniently without having them sticking out awkwardly from our back packs.

After numerous hours of shopping researching and testing out different leather stick bags, here are my favorites:

Leather Stick Bags for DrummersCategory
Walker & Williams DSB-1 Thick Full Grain Cowhide Leather & Brass Drum Stick BagBest Leather Stick Bag for Drummers
Anthology Gear "The Seville" Full Grain Leather Drumstick BagBest Leather Stick Bag for the Fashionable Drummer
Vic Firth Stick BagBest Leather Stick Bag for the money
WerKens Leather Drumstick BagBest Leather Stick Bag as a gift
Pinegrove Leather drum stick bagBest Leather Stick Bag for drummers who gig

Best Leather Stick Bags for Drummers

Walker & Williams DSB-1 Thick Full Grain Cowhide Leather & Brass Drum Stick Bag

The Walker & Williams DSB-1 leather drum stick bag is made from real cowhide and it has been treated to ensure toughness and durability.

It features an elegant minimalist design that still manages to provide a good amount of storage space for about 12 pairs of drumsticks.

The leather is sewn together masterfully and the straps are held on by brass hardware that not only looks good, but is also strong and durable. You should not have to worry about the strap breaking or leather tearing from the weight of your drumsticks.

It is also easy to adapt the Walker & William DSB-1 to suit your transport needs by choosing between the hand strap or shoulder strap.

You get a pretty durable and long lasting drum stick bag that you will probably be using for decades to come.

About the Manufacturer

Walker & Williams is a US leather crafter with 120+ years of experience.

They started out making leather horse saddles, collars and more.

Today, they have evolve to focus on making premium guitar straps and drumstick bags for musicians.

Why do I claim the Walker & Williams DSB-1 stick bag as the ‘Best Leather Stick Bag for Drummers’?

There are two reasons that the DSB-1 leather stick bag won this category;

1 – Quality

Honestly, I think the quality of the DSB-1 bag speaks for itself.

The leather is authentic and has been well treated and aged.

If only I could get you to hold it in your hands. You’ll definitely feel the dedication of its manufacturer as you inspect and can find no flaws on the item.

2 – Design 

This is really subjective, but I love the minimalist and clean design of the DSB-1.

The designer doesn’t over do the design with 1001+ pockets or card holders that could make a stick bag look tacky.

Despite the minimalist design, you’ll find that the DSB-1 remains versatile and sufficiently functional as a stick bag.

See more details about the Walker & Williams DSB-1 leather stick bag here

Now, if you have a little more budget and want something that lets you express yourself beyond a ‘minimalist’ design, you’ll love what’s coming up next.

Best Leather Stick Bag for the Fashionable Drummer


Anthology Gear “The Seville” Full Grain Leather Drumstick Bag

Anthology Gear’s “The Seville” is a high quality leather drum stick bag that looks good, is versatile and was thoughtfully designed drummers. (the leather even smells great, without any of that chemical smell that most poorly treated leather has!)

The Seville was designed with numerous pouches that allows you to hold and transport several pairs of drumsticks, brushes and mallets. It also has small pockets where you can slip in a drum key and an allen key too.

Keep in mind that this is made using real, high quality tanned leather, paired with industrial grade zippers.

Plus, its designers have included rivet supports and extra stitches on high usage areas on the bag too.

To top it off, the bag comes with a useful shoulder strap.

You’ll get a durable and versatile leather drum stick bag that probably will last a lifetime.

Plus, it lets you show your chic side!

Check out the Anthology Gear “The Seville” leather drumstick bag

About the Manufacturer

Anthology Gear was established by a musician. They focus on creating high quality leather bags and straps for guitarists and drummers.

If you gig and love their drumstick bag, you’ll probably want to checkout the cymbal bags produced by Anthology Gear as well.

Why do I claim Anthology Gear’s “The Seville” stick bag as the ‘Best Leather Stick Bag for the Fashionable Drummer’?

1 – It just looks good without much effort

Regardless of whether you prefer to carry your stick bag by hand, or sling it casually over your shoulder, The Seville gives you the choice to do so.

Plus, the shades of naturally tanned leathers just speak for themselves.

2 – Remains versatile

Although The Seville did stand out for its design, you’d be mistaken if you assumed that looks is all it has.

The Seville has been designed to have nifty and useful pockets hidden within in so that you can carry and store your drum accessories.

It can also be converted to a stick holder while you are drumming.

All you need to do is to tie it onto your drum using the leather ties that come with it.

Best Leather Stick Bag for the money

Vic Firth Stick Bag

Ok, I cheated. This isn’t made of real leather.

It’s made of vinyl or PVC, treated to look like leather.

But hey, at its price point I just couldn’t find any authentic leather stick bag. So cut me some slack.

Click to learn why the Vic Firth Stick Bag is popular on Amazon

With that out of the way, here’s why I decided to include the Vic Firth Stick Bag in this section.

It has everything that a drummer needs – Affordability, huge storage space and durability.

It holds up to 24 pairs of sticks, mallets or brushes. Although I don’t even have that many.

You can even slip your sheet music in so that you don’t have to store it separately and risk misplacing it!

Of course, you don’t want to miss out any other accessories.

Vic Firth has included two interior and four exterior pockets that will allow you to store an transport any accessories from your drum key to your metronome and tuner.

Vic Firth is a drum company, hence they would understand what a drummer wants from their drum stick bags.

They have also included straps that allow you to attach the Vic Firth stick bag onto your floor tom while you drum.

Why do I claim the Vic Firth stick bag as the ‘Best Leather Stick Bag for the Money’?

Well, if you want something cheap but could still somehow make it into the ‘leather’ stick bag category, this is it my friend.

Users of the Vic Firth stick bag have praised it for its durability despite having overload the bag with inventory too!

You can read more user reviews of this bag on Amazon too.

Now, let’s be honest…it looks like synthetic leather from afar.

Although I’m not too stoked about the huge Vic Firth logo on the front ;S

But looks aside, it provides a great storage and transport option for the drummer.

And it is also perfect for the beginner drummer who needs to travel for lessons.

You can literally carry your drumsticks, metronome, learning material and almost everything you need for class in this bag.

Best Leather Stick Bag as a gift

WerKens Leather Drumstick Bag

If you’re thinking of getting a leather drumstick bag for your drummer friend, look no further.

The WerKens leather drumstick bag is a beauty to behold. And it is as functional as it is fashionable! This Goat Leather bag holds 8 to 10 drumsticks, mallets and brushes and comes with a large pocket at the front to store other accessories and trinkets.

The design also comes with handy floor tom hooks that lets the drummer hang the leather drumstick bag onto a floor tom with ease. You can access your sticks easily while playing, without having to worry that they may be in the way while you jam!

View the WerKens Leather Drumstick Bag here

About the Manufacturer

WerKens is a young company that offers products designed by professional musicians. They feature Naturally tanned Oil processed leather products that are Eco Friendly, Chemical Free and Long Lasting.

Why do I claim the WerKens Leather stick bag as the ‘Best Leather Stick Bag as a gift’?

Classy, large storage space and easy to carry around, the WerKens leather drumstick bag combines functionality and aesthetics for drummers.

The only downside is that its owner will need to know how to clean and maintain the goat leather if they want to retain its shine.

Best Leather Stick Bag for drummers who gig

Pinegrove Leather drum stick bag

Made from full grain leather, this premium stick bag also has hidden internal pockets that allow you to slip in small accessories as well.

It features metal buckles that allow you to adjust the tightness of your stick bag.

These buckles are rather strong, so you should not have to worry about their durability.

The designers at Pinegrove leather has thoughtfully included a drum key holder along with the stick bag, you’ll definitely find it very useful.

Explore the Pinegrove Leather stick bag on Amazon now

About the Manufacturer

Pinegrove Leather is a UK based company that specializes in leather goods for musicians.

It was a passion business started in 2012 by Rod, a guitarist. Today, it has evolved into a full fledged leather production business catered specifically to the needs of musicians.

They craft delicate and durable bags, straps and more for a wide range of musicians including drummers, guitarists, harmonicist and more.

Pinegrove Leather is very particular about the treatment process of their leather and only uses veg tan leathers. These leathers are known to be flexible and durable.

On top of taking utmost care in using only the best treated leathers, Pinegrove points out that they only use leather made from cattle grown for beef. This means that the leather they used are never taken from animals hunted solely for their skins.

Why do I claim the Pinegrove Leather stick bag as the ‘Best Leather Stick Bag for drummers who gig’?

If you are a drummer who gigs regularly, you’ll probably want a leather stick bag that checks these boxes:

  • ability to hold several pairs of sticks, mallets and brushes
  • able to double up as a drumstick holder during your gig
  • loose pockets that allow you to switch sticks quickly during performance but tight enough to prevent them from falling out during transport

The Pinegrove leather stick bag does all that while rocking a minimalist and slick design.

Why Leather?

Drum stick bags are available in a wide range of material, so why did I choose to focus on leather drum stick bags?

Leather always has a unique appeal to me. Especially since it will ages along with its owner.

Best of all, a well treated leather can be tough and will last a lifetime.

On the flipside, leather can be expensive due to its source and how it was treated.

To me, a good leather drum stick bag is one that can last me a lifetime while providing me with the option to pack and carry sticks that suit my drumming needs.


Although this article started on a whim. Rather, my sudden urge to shop for a leather stick bag…

I do hope that you have found it useful, even as a starting point or a summary to the few choices you should be looking at.

Got questions?

Just drop them below!

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