Best Drum Kit for Jazz

I remember being blown away at the very first jazz performance I’ve ever been to. Jazz drummers are one of a kind, don’t you think? How do they make such captivating music from such a lean drum kit? I’ve searched for the best Jazz drum set since then and I think I’ve found it! Best … Read more

Best Cajon for Acoustic Rock

Some of the best rock songs can be remixed into acoustic tracks that give audiences a very different experience. For these ‘unplugged’ sessions, you may want to substitute your drum kit with a cajon to provide a ‘softer’ but equally clear beats that hold the music together. But which is the best cajon for acoustic … Read more

Best Drum Tuning Device

You’ve painstakingly rack up your brand new drum kit. Everything is in place and you’re ready to jam to your first song. But… Your snare drum doesn’t sound as bright. The bass sounds too high. You need to tune your drum kit. Here are the best drum tuning devices out there to help you with … Read more

Best Cajon for Worship

During certain worship sessions, a reliable and simple instrument is all you’d need to lead the church. After all, it’s at these sessions where you want to help everyone to slow down and focus on the key purpose of spending time with God. We’ve narrowed down from 102+ cajons. Then researched, tested and cross checked … Read more