Is open handed drumming bad?

Is open handed drumming bad

No. Go with whatever works for you. Unlike science, there’s no fix rule nor a best way to play the drums. Be open minded, feel free to give different drumming styles a chance and go with what you like. What is Open Handed Drumming? This refers to the style of drumming using your left hand … Read more

What is inside a Cajon?

Air. The Cajon is a fairly simple instrument, with the traditional Peruvian cajons being the most minimalistic. They are literally wooden boxes! But don’t be fooled by the minimalistic Peruvian cajon, depending on the wood it’s made from, you can get a wide range of sounds. I’ve compiled an infographic of the characteristics of different … Read more

Small Drum Kits for Adults

Small Drum Kits for Adults

Prices are rising. Spaces are shrinking. Being a drummer who lives in a small space, I’m always on the look out for small drum kits for adults. If you are looking for drum kits that fit tighter spaces, this article is for you. Below, you’ll find options for the aspiring drummer who is fighting against … Read more