8 Best Metronomes for Drummers [2024 Update]

A metronome is a drummer (and any musician’s) most important tool. It helps you to keep time. As you pick up the drums and improve your skill, you’ll find yourself spending many countless hours playing to your metronome. While there are many metronome apps, using a dedicated metronome helps you to stay focus (without having … Read more

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

Depending on the heads of your drum pads, you’ll need to consider several factors when choosing the best Drumsticks for your electronic drums. If you’re using mesh heads, you should always use drumsticks with nylon tips or plastic tips to protect the mesh heads of your electronic drums. If you are using an electronic drum … Read more

Best Beginner Drum Sticks [2024 update]

tl;dr: best beginner drumsticks to start with are 5A sticks because its the easiest weight and size to get used on. Personally , I started with a pair of Hickory 5A sticks from Vic Firth. If you have small hands, you might want to try the lighter 7A drumsticks instead. If you’ve ever walked into … Read more

Remo Silentstroke vs Pearl Mesh Heads

E-drum kits are great options for a silent kit, but it’ll never come close to the sound and feel of an acoustic drum set. If you’re reading this, you probably agree too right? That’s probably why you’ve been researching for an alternative. Now, there are many low volume drum heads out there that will provide … Read more