Mobile Apps to Tune Your Drum Set

Just set up your first drum kit? Congratulations! But…hold up! Before you go crazy with those sticks, you’ll want to tune your drum kit first! An out-of-tune snare will kill your interest in drumming faster than you can say “drrrruuuum”. And this is what we’re covering here (click to skip to section): Physical Drum Tuners … Read more

How to grip your drumsticks

Stick it to the drum! Drumming involves continuous hitting with your drumsticks. But that leads to fatigue and muscle aches… So how can you create the best riffs AND sustain your playing over longer periods? The key is in the way you hold your sticks. There are several ways to grip your drumsticks. In this … Read more

New Drummers – 5 Things You Must Know

Learning to play the drums without an instructor may be fun and relatively cheaper. However, without proper guidance, it is easy to pick up bad habits that may hinder our drumming. Here are 5 important tricks that all new drummers must know: Section 1: Beginner Techniques 1. How to hold your drumsticks Knowing how to hold … Read more