How To Dampen Drums

The effect of Drum Dampening: If your drum kit produces this ‘ringing’ effect, much like the feedback of a bad sound system, you might need to dampen your drums a little. This quick guide on how to dampen drums will help you to get started fast. I’ll explore the following in this article, if you … Read more

How to Muffle Drums for Practice

This article is not for you. It’s for your neighbor, or your roommates, or…maybe your poor parents. Or rather… It’s to help you keep your neighbour or your folks at bay, so that you can keep drumming and practicing at home. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover:   How to Muffle Drums for … Read more

How to read Drum Score

I’ve got to admit, I’m no musical genius. I can’t learn just by listening to a song or watching a drummer play. If you are like me, you’ll probably want to learn how to read drum scores. This quick guide shows you how…and give a little more: Table of Content (Click to skip to section) … Read more