How To Soundproof A Room for Drums

You moved into your spanking new apartment, set up your drum kit and start jamming away. Then there’s banging at your door. The neighbors are here. And they want you to shut up keep it down. This article explores how you can soundproof a room for drums, so that you can keep drumming without aggravating … Read more

How to Muffle Drums for Practice

This article is not for you. It’s for your neighbor, or your roommates, or…maybe your poor parents. Or rather… It’s to help you keep your neighbour or your folks at bay, so that you can keep drumming and practicing at home. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover:   How to Muffle Drums for … Read more

How to read Drum Score

I’ve got to admit, I’m no musical genius. I can’t learn just by listening to a song or watching a drummer play. If you are like me, you’ll probably want to learn how to read drum scores. This quick guide shows you how…and give a little more: Table of Content (Click to skip to section) … Read more

How to learn Drum Rudiments

Previously, I’ve introduced the drum rudiments. I’m following Vic Firth’s free “40 essential rudiments” guide to master these drum rudiments. Tip: While you are learning the rudiments, you might also want to learn to read drum scores. Knowing the notes and the duration they represent will help you figure out the various rudiments as well. … Read more