[Opinion] How I chose my drumsticks

Quick Answer:
If you are a new drummer, go for the 5A.

(For females who have not played the drums before, try the 7A.)

My thoughts:
I think as new drummers, we should start with the standard drumsticks – 5A, 5B or 7A.
For me, I chose the 7A as the 5A and 5B felt heavy.
(P.S. I only realised thereafter, that I had tried the oak drumsticks which are known to be generally heavier)

The weight is important to take note of because you would expect to be practicing long periods with the drum sticks.

You don’t want something too light as it would cause you to have to hit the drums with more force to produce the same sound.

Once we have the basics down, we can choose to change our drumsticks according to our drumming styles and needs.

Heavier drumsticks would come in handy to help train strength and stamina.

For now, I’d prefer to start with a pair of sticks that are comfortable:

my sticks

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