Can I use double bass on Alesis Nitro Max?

Not sure about you, but to me, upgrading to a double bass is the first next step for most drummers, even the beginners. Yes, it’s just one more bass pedal, but let me tell you, it just makes drumming so much more fun.

Since I first wrote about the Alesis Nitro Max drum kit, a common question we get is “can the Alesis Nitro drum kit have double bass?

So, let’s answer that question in this article.

Can you use a double kick with the Alesis Nitro Max kit?

Good news, yes! The Alesis Nitro can work with a double kick pedals.

In fact, here’s a great demonstration of it in action on Instagram by 66samus:

However, there are a couple of things you must note.

5 things to note if you’re using a double kick with your Alesis Nitro Max

1) Align the beaters with the kickpad trigger for best results.

Based on my experience, the sensitivity of the rubber bass pad is the best in the middle of the rubber kickpad.

You will need to align your beaters to strike as close to the center of the kickpad, to ensure that you get the maximum sensitivity on both beaters. This should help to reduce lag or issues with low responsiveness.

If you’re setting up your bass pedals for the first time, you should also note the distance between the beaters and the bass drum.

2) Kickpad is rather small, not all double bass pedals work

You should note that not all double bass pedals work with the Alesis Nitro Max due to the size constraints of the kickpad.

You’ll need to use a double bass pedal that allows you to place both beaters relatively close to each other.

This also helps ensures that both beaters are striking close to the middle of the kickpad as well.

3) You’ll need to do some tweaking to the settings

Depending on your actual set up, you may need to tweak the sensitivity settings of your kickpad.

In my experience, you’ll likely have to max out the sensitivity setting on the kickpad if you face inconsistent triggering issues.

You can tweak the sensitivity setting of the kickpad using the Alesis Nitro Max module. Look for the SEN setting, trigger the kickpad and adjust accordingly.

If you’re unsure, refer to page 18 of the User Guide.

4) Trigger may still be an issue

Even with all the tweaks in place, the double bass playing experience varies widely from kit to kit and drummer to drummer.

Although it is possible to use a double kick with the Alesis Nitro Max kit, I have to be frank. There’s no way to guarantee this will definitely work for you.

Your milage may vary.

5) Alesis advise using the plastic face of the beater with the kickpad.

Apparently, the felt surface may damage the surface of the bass drum kickpad, and this will not be covered by their warranty.

Felt beaters are known to damage mesh pads.

Which double bass pedal should you use with your Alesis Nitro Max?

I compiled the best double bass pedals here.

Most of the budget double bass pedals (below $200) listed there should work with the Alesis Nitro Max.

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