How to wash sound blankets?

If you’ve been using sound blankets to dampen sounds in your room for a while, you’d start noticing that those things could trap dust.

Good news, they can be cleaned!

But, depending on the material of your sound blankets, they may not be machine washable.

So always check the manufacturer instructions!

Here’re some common ways to clean your sound blankets:

3 Ways to Clean Your Sound Blankets

1) Use a vacuum

If we’re dealing with dust, vacuuming is the fastest and easiest option.

You could use a handheld vacuum if you wish to leave the sound blankets as is.

2) Light Brushing

If you don’t have a vacuum you could use, brushing works too.

I prefer to use a microfiber duster with an extendable arm that allows me to reach the top of the sound blankets. I tend to get a sneezing fit if there’s too much dust in the air, I’ve found that microfiber dusters help to capture as much of the dust from the blankets, so that there’s less dust in the air.

Tip: Open your windows and have a fan blowing the dust away from you if you have a sensitive nose like I do.

3) Use a washing machine

Typically, only sound blankets made with cotton or polyester can be washed in a machine.

Tip: Head to the closest laundromat to wash your sound blankets. Most washing machines found in homes are too small to thoroughly wash sound blankets.

Remember to check the manufacturer recommendation on heat settings and detergent use.

Hang to airdry to prevent any shrinkage or damage to the sound blanket from high heat of dryers.

Keep in mind that the color of your sound blanket may fade after washing.

How to remove stains from your sound blankets?

Accidents happen.

Personally, I use a cloth soaked with soap water to remove stains (mind is usually from coffee).

But…there’s a science to removing stains.

If you’re looking to remove a specific type of stain, this video from Gentleman’s Gazette proves to be quite useful:

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