Best Drum Throne for Back Problems

You want to master the drums, but every time you get down to practicing, your back starts to ache…


You have always been suffering from lower back pains but dream of becoming a proficient drummer…

Hey, don’t lose hope, you can still drum without having to deal with the pain!

First up, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way:

Schedule a visit to your doctor or chiropractor. We’re no medical experts or professionals.

Most drum kits do not come with drum thrones or seats for the drummer.

Drummers would grab any chair that fits and start drumming away.

If you have been suffering from back problems, you should put a little more effort in selecting a suitable drum throne.


As you start drumming with both feet, you’ll notice that most of your body weight will be supported by your bump and lower back.

Getting the right drum throne that provides a good support will alleviate back aches.

Let’s take a closer look at the drum thrones suitable for drummers with back problems:

Best Drum Throne for Back Problems

Drum ThroneSize of Drum Throne SeatThickness of SeatHeight Adjustment RangeHeight Adjustment StyleType of seatComes with backrest?Can it support 300lbs?Does it swivel?MaterialLegsWhat we think
Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne

18” (wide) by 15" (long)4.5"18" to 24"Double-locking, threaded height adjustmentMotorcycle Style SeatNo. Pair with the Gilbraltar Universal back restYesYesMemory Foam4 legs Double Braced with Rubber Feet.Best drum throne for drummers with back problems

Specially designed to relive lower back aches and stress on your tailbone. You'll definitely feel the difference when you drum on this!
ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black

14.3" (wide) by 8.2" (long)4"18" to 24"Nitrogen Gas Height AdjustmentMotorcycle Style SeatNo. Pair with the ROC-N-SOC Back RestNot tested. It can take up to 230lbs.YesSoft cushion design3 legs Double Braced with Rubber FeetBest affordable drum throne for drummers experiencing back pain
Its nitrogen gas shock absorber design really helps to reduce back fatigue during longer drumming sessions. You might take a while to get used to the feel of the absorber though.
Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne

gibraltar rp oversized
18.75” (wide) by 15.75” (long)5"20" to 28"Threaded height adjustmentMotorcycle Style SeatNo. Pair with the Gilbraltar Universal back restYesYesExtra Soft Foam Padding3 legs Double Braced with Rubber FeetMost comfortable drum throne

Provides a large seat area provides for comfortable seating.
Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

gibraltar 6608 heavy duty
15.25” (wide) by 13.25” (long)3.25"18" to 24"Height adjustment with memory lockMotorcycle Style SeatNo. Pair with the Gilbraltar Universal back restNot tested. It can take up to 200lbs.YesTop Grade Padding3 legs Double Braced with Rubber FeetMay not be comfortable for intense, prolong drumming for more than 4 hours.
Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider

tama 1st chair ergo rider
18" diameter4.25"19" to 26"Hydraulic Height AdjustmentHybrid design incorporates round seat with saddle style designYes, look for the option that comes with backrest.YesYesFoam4 legs Double Braced with Rubber FeetComfortable, quick hydraulic height adjustment. The back rest might be a little uncomfortable before you are used to it.
Drum Workshop (DW) Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne (CP9100AL)

dw heavy duty air lift
14" diameter4.25"20" to 28"Hydraulic Height AdjustmentRound seatNo. Pair with the DW Backrest (CP9100BR)Yes. User reported being 400lbs!YesFoam cushion4 legs Double Braced with Rubber FeetMost sturdy drum throne

Very strong base that just makes you feel safe when you are playing on it.

Drummers who suffer from back aches, nerve pain along the lower / mid back as well as slip disc have experienced an improvement in their drumming experience when they found the right drum throne with proper back support.

However, let’s face it, not every drummer suffer from back pain. Hence, you’ll notice that most drum thrones do not come with a back rest.

That can be solved easily with these:

Best Drum Throne Back Rest Attachments

Works with:Height Adjustable?MaterialSize of Back RestNoteworthy Points You Should Know
Gibraltar Universal Back Rest

Gibraltar Universal Back Rest
Gibraltar Drum Thrones and most other drum thrones.YesCloth covered paddingAbout 18" (width) by 8" (height)It can be clamped snugly onto a 7 - 8" diameter pole. You should be able to use it with most drum thrones, just by clamping it onto the pole of your drum throne stand.

Doesn't work well with hydraulic thrones as it may restrict any movement along the pole that it is clamped on.
ROC-N-SOC Back Rest

ROC-N-SOC Back Rest
ROC-N-SOC Nitro ThroneYesCloth covered padding, feels like vinyl, might trap dust over time.About 16" (width) by 7" (height)Users love the sturdy back support the Roc-N-Soc back rest provides, as well as its durability.

It is attached to thrones via a bracket that can fit a metal piece of 1 1/4" wide and 1/2". If you are wondering if it'll fit your throne, check if yours have a bracket of that size.
DW Backrest (CP9100BR)

DW Backrest (CP9100BR)
9000 series DW drum thronesYesSynthetic leatherAbout 12" (width) by 6" (height)Sturdy and provides great lower back support.

Most back rest attachments come with attachment brackets and are easy to assemble onto your pre-existing drum throne.

If you’re not using a drum throne from common manufacturers like Gibraltar, Roc-N-Soc, DW, Pearl, etc, you’ll want to consider the Gibraltar universal back rest that fits onto most drum thrones.

Drum Thrones for Drummers struggling with Back Pain

In this section, we’ll give you a deeper analysis of each of the drum thrones we have researched on.

Let’s go!

Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne


Innovative design drum throne that was created to relief tailbone and lower back pain for drummers.

Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of drum throne seat: 18” (wide) by 15″ (long)
  • Gap Size: ~0.8″
  • Height adjustment: 18″ to 24″
  • Can it support a 300lbs drummer?: Yes
  • Does it swivel?: Yes
  • Average Price: USD$223

What we think about the Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne

The Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne comes in 3 color (red, black and sparkle). Its unique design features a split motorcycle saddle with a thin gap of about 0.8″; round seat also available.

This gap was implemented to relief pressure and weight off your tailbone, hence reducing pain on the tailbone from prolong drumming as well as alleviate lower back pains.

The split padded seat supports shifting of your weight according to how you drum.

For example, drummers tend to lean to their left when playing fast on the kick pedal. The Ahead Spinal G’s split seat allows most of the pressure to be supported by your bum rather than your lower back as you shift.

At the point of writing, there was limited stock of the Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne available. You can check the latest availability on Amazon here.

What other users say about the Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne

Users love the split seat design on the Ahead Spinal G throne that has helped to relieve pain on their tailbone.

Drummers who have had prior injuries on their tailbone or lower spine have reported comfortable drumming sessions that last longer and are more productive thanks to this throne.

Those suffering from prevalent back pain or slip discs have also mentioned that the Spinal G Throne has been very helpful in relieving their pain.

Of course, there’s never a perfect ending.

A user has reported that the 4 legs design on the Ahead Spinal G got in his way during drumming, although it felt more stable.

Another user reported that the seat was fully compressed and was no longer usable as a seat after a couple of days. This seemed to be a one off complain and the user had not reported his weight.

Here’s a video review from a proud owner that shows you how the throne looks like:

Video by: Travis Mcgowan

And yes, it seems the sparkle version of the Ahead Spinal G is still a very popular colour choice today.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne

Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of drum throne seat: 14.3″ (wide) by 8.2″ (long)
  • Height Adjustment: 18″ to 24″
  • Can it support a 300lbs drummer?: Yes
  • Does it swivel?: Yes
  • Others: Nitrogen gas acts as a shock absorber as well
  • Average Price: USD$182

What we think about the Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne

ROC-N-SOC has developed a reputation for being one of the best drum throne manufacturers out there.

This comes with little surprise since that’s their core business and they are focused on creating the best thrones for musicians.

Unlike most drum thrones, the ROC-N-Soc Nitro features a nitrogen gas height adjustment system that doubles up as a shock absorber.

This feature results in a subtle bounce when you drum. You’ll probably need several drumming sessions before you are used to the bounce of this drum throne.

With that said, it has received several positive reviews by drummers who had been suffering from lower back pain.

If you are on a tight budget and want something that works to relieve back pains when and after you drum, this is your go-to option.

What other users say about the Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne

Users praised the Nitro throne for providing a comfortable drumming experience that relieves aches and sores in the lower back and legs. 

It is known to be durable with many owners mentioning that their Nitro thrones have lasted for years.

And those whom have wore out their Nitro throne tend to replace it with the same exact model.

Uses of the Nitro throne are definitely a loyal bunch!

On the flip side, there have been drummers who warn of the need to get used to the bounce from the Nitro throne, especially if you are training your double bass technique.

Here’s a quick introductory / review video for those who want to see the actual Nitro throne:

Video by: Mikedrums101

The ROC-N-Soc Nitro throne is great on its own. But if you have back problems or have constant back pain, you will want to jack it up with this:

ROC-N-SOC Back Rest


Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of back rest: About 16″ (width) by 7″ (height)
  • Height Adjustable
  • Average Price: USD$50

Loved by drummers with back pains and nerve pain episodes, slip disks, etc.

What we think about the ROC-N-SOC Back Rest

If you experience back pains and aches during and after drumming, we think this is an essential attachment that you should have on your drum throne.

It fits perfectly on the ROC-N-SOC nitro throne.

If you are using other drum throne, you might need to drill holes into the base of your seat to attach the backrest.

In that case, you might be better off using the Gibraltar universal back rest instead.

What other users say about the ROC-N-SOC Back Rest

Read what real users say about the roc-n-soc back rest here.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve found;

  • Even pianists and guitarists have fallen head over heels with the Roc-N-Sock back rest and throne.
  • Users have mentioned that it is not a compulsory accessory, however you’ll definitely hate yourself for not getting it earlier.

Users however had some requests to improving the roc-n-soc back rest, stating;

  • they wished for front-to-back adjustment, on top of the height adjustment capability
  • when used on other stools or thrones, the swivel rotation of the stool might be restricted.

All in all, if you do not have the budget for the Ahead Spinal G throne or Carmichael throne, this is the next best option for you.

Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne

Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne

Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of drum throne seat: 18.75” (wide) by 15.75” (long)
  • Height adjustment: 20″ to 28″
  • Can it support a 300lbs drummer?: Yes
  • Does it swivel?: Yes
  • Average Price: USD$135

What we think about the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne

Gibraltar seems to have established a pretty good rep in the drum throne and hardware space.

Drummers who want a comfortable and sturdy drum throne have been known to recommend their thrones.

Their saddle designed Pro Oversized throne is super comfortable.

Plus, it is huge! This means that you’ll feel very secure even as you drum fast with both feet off the ground.

The stand is also very sturdy with the classic 3 legs, double braced design.

This throne comes with both hydraulic and spindle thread stands, we feature the spindle thread stand because Gibraltar is trusted for its high quality hardware.

We trust that the Pro Oversized throne stand will maintain its height setting without the loosening of the memory lock – a common issue with less durable throne stands.

With the Spindle Thread height adjustment, you also get a higher and slightly wider range of height setting.

Video by: World Music Supply

What other users say about the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne

Most users love the comfort and stability of the Gibraltar Pro throne; seating on it feels like you’re seating on a permanent, rock sturdy chair that will never topple.

This sense of security allows drummers to focus fully on their drumming.

You can read what other users say about the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne here.

Bigger folks who are above 300 lbs have also commended the Gibraltar Pro for its comfort and stability.

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne


Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of drum throne seat: 15.25” (wide) by 13.25” (long)
  • Height Adjustment: 18″ to 24″
  • Can it support a 300lbs drummer?: Yes
  • Does it swivel?: Yes
  • Average Price: USD$64

What we think about the Gibraltar 6608 Throne

The Gibraltar 6608 drum throne is a more cost efficient option for drummers suffering from back ache.

It has a thinner layer of cushion compared to the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne and may not be comfortable for intense, prolong drumming of more than an hour.

If you are looking for a drum throne for shorter practice sessions or gigs with breaks between sets, this throne is the most affordable option in this article.

However, we think that those suffering from serious back pains or prior injuries should not go for this throne as it is built and designed for the masses.

You’ll want to spend a little more with the Ahead Spinal G throne or Carmichael throne and get that weight off your back, literally.

As for regular folks who complain about muscle aches and sore lower back muscles after prolonged drumming, this drum throne is perfect for you.

It still provides great lower back support, especially when paired with the Gibraltar universal back rest.

Here’s a quick look of the Gibraltar 6608 throne:

Video by World Music Supply

What other users say about the Gibraltar 6608 Throne

The Gibraltar 6608 throne is a fairly popular drum throne that has satisfied many users.

Most users loved the 6608 throne for its affordability, comfort and sturdy design.

There have been unfortunate cases where the throne was less durable than expected.

You’ll need to be mentally prepared for such cases to happen, especially at the great price point that this throne is being offered at.

In our humble opinion, if you are looking to alleviate your back pain, you should ideally pair the Gibraltar Pro Oversized Throne or Gibraltar 6608 drum throne with the:

Gibraltar Universal Back Rest (GUBR)

Gibraltar GUBR Universal Back Rest

Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of back rest: About 18″ (width) by 8″ (height)
  • Height Adjustable
  • Average Price: USD$73

The universal back rest from Gibraltar works by clamping on to any 7-8″ pole. This means that if your drum throne pole is of that diameter, this universal back rest should fit.

What we think about the Gibraltar Universal Back Rest

It is relatively large and hence very comfortable to lean against.

The height adjustment also allows most drummers to be able to use it, regardless of your height.

However, you’ll want to note that setting the back rest too low might cause the metal pole to jut out and become a hazard instead.

If you already own a drum throne and don’t want to purchase a brand new one, this universal back rest might be the answer to better back support while drumming.

You can check Amazon for the latest pricing and availability here.

What other users say about the Gibraltar Universal Back Rest

Users love the Gibraltar Universal Back Rest for its simple assembly, height adjustment and durability.

It has also been noted that the universal back rest really helps in improving a drummer’s seating posture. This also helps with reducing stress on the lower back.

There have been negative feedback about the universal back rest as well.

Most of them is due to the incompatibility of the back rest with the user’s existing drum thrones.

You will need to make sure that your current drum throne pole is between 7-8″ to keep the back rest in place.

On top of that, do note that the area where the attachment is clamped on will not be usable. Hence, you will not want to pair the Gibraltar universal back rest with a hydraulic height adjustable throne stand.

Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider

Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne

Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of drum throne seat: 18″ diameter
  • Height Adjustment: 19″ to 26″
  • Can it support a 300lbs drummer?: Yes
  • Does it swivel?: Yes
  • Average Price: USD$175

What we think about the Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider

Another drum throne that features a large seat, the Tama 1st Chair is as its name sounds, great as a first chair for drummers.

Its design tries to incorporate the pros of both the round seat as well as the saddle style (aka motorcycle style) seat design.

We didn’t particularly enjoy the design of its seat. It was comfortable but doesn’t stand out against the rest of the thrones on this list.

On a more positive note, the #1 thing that stood out the most is its stability.

With its 4 legs, double braced stand that is reinforced by additional hardware linking the legs to the to main pole, you can definitely feel secure on this drum throne.

Now to the backrest….

The 1st Chair comes with or with the back rest, so its up to you which version you prefer.

The back rest is comparatively smaller than the seat.

It’s height is barely adjustable but was at the perfect height to support the lower back of a shorter drummer like myself.

Taller drummers might find it uncomfortable. You can choose to go with the version without the backrest instead.

What other users say about the Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider

Most users agree that the Tama 1st chair is sturdy and is rather comfortable.

On the downside, some users find the seat a tad too firm

Our conclusion

If you are ready to spend on the Tama 1st Chair, we think it might be a better idea to save up a little more for the ROC-N-SOC nitro throne. Especially if you have been troubled by back pain or aches.

That’s just our two cents. Here’s a view from someone who prefers the 1st Chair over the Nitro:

Video by: Stephen Taylor

Just note that he is referring to the version with a hydraulic height adjustment.

Drum Workshop (DW) Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne (CP9100AL)

Drum Workshop DW CP9100AL drum throne

Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of drum throne seat: 14″ diameter
  • Height Adjustment: 20″ to 28″
  • Can it support a 300lbs drummer?: Yes. User reported 400lbs.
  • Does it swivel?:Yes
  • Others: Hydraulic Lift that helps absorb shock
  • Average Price: USD$215

What we think about the dw Heavy Duty Air Lift Throne

A sturdy throne, in fact it might be the most sturdy and secure throne listed in this article.

On top of its weight, the dw heavy duty throne has rather thick double braced legs.

You will definitely be able to play and master those double bass pedal technique with a peace of mind (and zero wobbling).

It’s hydraulic height adjustment was also rather useful, especially if have several drummers using the same throne.

Due to the design of the hydraulic life, it helped to absorb a little movement and shock, making it less stressful on the lower back.

You will notice this when you’re busy with both feet on the pedals.

What other users say about the dw Heavy Duty Air Lift Throne

Users also agree that this is a sturdy and reliable drum throne.

Best of all, it really lives up to its ‘heavy duty’ label. Drummers have reported having NO issues with the dw heavy duty throne, even at 400 lbs.

Some users have experienced troubles with height adjustments as it does require some weight on the seat before you can press the seat down. This is common for most hydraulic chairs and is more of a pro than a con in my opinion.

With all that said, the dw heavy duty air lift throne is best paired with:

DW Backrest (CP9100BR)


Key features you’ll want to note:

  • Size of back rest: About 12″ (width) by 6″ (height)
  • Height Adjustable
  • Average Price: USD$45
  • Designed to work with DW 9000 series drum thrones

What we think about the DW Back Rest

Designed to work with the dw 9000 series drum thrones, the use of this leather covered back rest can be rather limited.

Unless you are willing to drill holes onto your throne, you might not want to consider this if you’re not using a DW 9000 series drum throne.

The DW back rest does provide sufficient and comfortable support.

However, the leather material can prove to be quite uncomfortable during hot days. So make sure you are drumming indoors on this, especially during summer.

What other users say about the DW Back Rest

You can read some user reviews on Amazon.

As mentioned above, the DW Back Rest does what its packaging says.

However, it doesn’t really blow you away.

5 things we considered when picking drum thrones for drummers with back problems

1) Comfort Level

Contrary to what some drummers might think; a soft cushion drum throne may not always be the most comfortable.

Instead, you’ll want to find a drum throne that comes with a thick foam padding.

If possible, find one that features top grade foam or denser foam that doesn’t feel as though you’re sinking and hitting the base of the chair the moment you seat on it.

If you have access to a music store near you, it’s best for you to head down and give the drum throne a try before purchasing.

Choosing the right drum throne will definitely save you from back aches.

2) Design

To be honest, we were blown away by the effectiveness of the Ahead Spinal G Throne and the Carmichael Thrones.

Their unique designs really made a world of difference, especially when you are drumming for prolonged periods.

Heck, they are effective even as a chair for your deskbound job!

Although the designs on these thrones are perfect for those suffering from back pain and aches, you’ll need to balance your need for comfort and the cost that you are willing to pay.

These specially made drum thrones can be rather costly.

3) Support

I know, the idea of a back support on a drum throne sounds pretty redundant.

But once you’ve tried it, you’ll feel the difference.

The back support isn’t really there for you to lean on when you’re tired.

Instead it helps to absorb some of the movement and provide some support especially during fast songs that require you to be playing both the kick drum and hi hat at the same time.

It’s during those instances when you’re really supporting your entire weight on your buttocks and lower back.

Having a back support helps to take some of the load off your lower back.

Reading it in words may not make an impact.

But if you have been suffering from back aches, especially after a session on the drums, give it a try.

Your body will tell you if it loved the back support.

Oh, if you already own a drum throne, you might want to shop around for back support attachments instead of purchasing a brand new drum throne.

Keep in mind, when selecting a drum throne with back rest, you’ll want to find one that is tall enough to support your lower back.

BUT not too tall that it’ll stick into your upper back and become a new source of pain.

4) Price

The world of drum thrones is rather vast.

You can get a drum throne from just USD20, and you can find drum thrones on the other end of the price spectrum at USD200++.

You would be most familiar with your budget, so there isn’t much more we need to say.

Except for…

Do remember to find a good balance between a comfortable budget and a comfortable back.

In short, if you have been facing back problems and pains, do consider spending slightly more for a drum throne that supports you and relieves your pain.

5) Ease of Height adjustment

Many new drummers tend to overlook the importance of a well adjusted drum throne.

Most will try to save a couple of bucks and use any chair that they can get their hands on.

If you have been suffering from back problems, you’ll want to look for a drum throne with easily adjustable height.

This allows you to adjust the throne as and when you need to, even during drumming.

Prolong drumming with the wrong seating posture can aggravate back aches and lead to sore shoulder muscles.

Most drum thrones come with a version that features the hydraulic height adjustment, all you need to do is to pull the lever to adjust the height of the throne.

If you anticipate sharing the throne with multiple drummers, go for this option.

PSA: Measure your seating height

Before you shop for a suitable drum throne, it’ll be easier to measure your ‘seating height’.

Find a height adjustable chair and seat comfortably with the soles of your feet on the floor.

Measure the distance between your feet and your buttocks.

Make sure that the drum throne that you are interested can be adjusted to that height.


If you experience back aches only during or after drumming, watch your posture when you drum.

Make sure you’ve set up your drum kit to suit your height. And, make sure your drum throne is sturdy and parallel to the ground.

And if you’ve always been suffering from backaches, slip disc and the like, get a suitable drum throne for back problems. They won’t cure your pain, but they’ll definitely alleviate it.

You can refer to our table for selected drum thrones that we think are great for drummers with back problems.

Albeit some of these options might be costly. But if they can provide the right support for your back and give you a pain-free drumming session, we think you should consider them. Of course, always check with your doctor if you face persistent back pains when you drum.

Let us know if you’ve found something that suits you!

2 thoughts on “Best Drum Throne for Back Problems”

  1. Just wanted to know being you mentioned you were 5’1” I also am a short drummer at 5’2” and I was told that bike/motorcycle seats are more for taller drummers. Please let me know your opinion because I am looking at the ahead Spinal-G seat and want to know whether the standard round or bike is better. I’d try both but every store I e checked haven’t had the round version to accurately compare. Thank you so much. Great article!

    • Hey Danny! Thanks for dropping by 🙂
      haha, you’re right on that. The reason why drummers think that motorcycle seats are more for taller drummers, is because of their height adjustments. And with this class of drum thrones, the cushion tends to be slightly thicker (and higher) as well. Personally, I find many motorcycle seats quite comfortable for me at their lowest height setting (~18 to 19″).

      The round vs bike design is down to a personal preference. If I remember correctly, most of the specifications between the two designs are similar. So, if you have used a round throne, you’ll know what to expect. The thickness of the cushion and the gap are pretty much the same. I prefer the spinal g’s saddle design mainly because they offer the larger seat. I’m not sure why but I just feel more secure on that.

      And remember, it really depends on your preferred drumming posture. Some drummers like to seat really low (i don’t do that because it makes my back ache), if that’s you, do take note of the height adjustment of the throne!


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