Best Double Bass Pedals [2021 update]

Best Double Bass Pedals

So, you’ve decided to level up your kicks?  Here’s our pick for the best double bass pedals you can get on a budget: This article will be quite lengthy, because I’d tried to be as comprehensive as I could be, so here’s a navigation table for you to skip to different sections quickly:  Best Double … Read more

Best Beginner Drumsticks [2021]

tl;dr: In my opinion, the best beginner drum sticks are a pair of 5A sticks because its weight and size is easy for most to get used to. I personally use the Vic Firth 5A Hickory sticks. People with smaller hands may want to try 7A sticks which are lighter. If you’ve ever walked into … Read more

Best Drum Dampeners [2021 update]

Best Drum Dampeners

Best Drum Dampeners Comparison of the best drum dampeners available in the market now Are your drums leave your ears ringing? If you are not a hard hitter, it’s probably because of the extra overtones being created. Good news? You can get rid of that ringing sound with drum dampeners, and that’s what we’re talking … Read more