Best Leather Stick Bags for Drummers

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping for leather stick bags made specifically for drummers. Unlike guitarists, we drummers don’t hand carry much of our gears. With exception to our drumsticks. Using a leather stick bag gives us a classy way to transport our drumsticks, instead of having them sticking out of our bag … Read more

Best Double Bass Pedals [2022 update]

So, you’ve decided to level up your kicks?  Here’s our pick for the best double bass pedals you can get on a budget: This article will be quite lengthy, because I’d tried to be as comprehensive as I could be, so here’s a navigation table for you to skip to different sections quickly:  Best Double … Read more

Best Drum Throne for Back Problems

You want to master the drums, but every time you get down to practicing, your back starts to ache… OR… You have always been suffering from lower back pains but dream of becoming a proficient drummer… Hey, don’t lose hope, you can still drum without having to deal with the pain! First up, let’s get … Read more

Best Drumsticks for Heavy Metal Drummers

You play heavy metal but your current sticks don’t feel right? And that kinda sucks, really. Ultimately, your choice of drum sticks will be determined by your drumming preference. But we all know that there are just too many drumsticks to choose from at the music store. And breaking testing them all isn’t the best … Read more