Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

Depending on the heads of your drum pads, you’ll need to consider several factors when choosing the best Drumsticks for your electronic drums.

If you’re using mesh heads, you should always use drumsticks with nylon tips or plastic tips to protect the mesh heads of your electronic drums.

If you are using an electronic drum with rubber heads which tends to cause more fatigue due to lower dispersion of vibrations, you may want to consider Anti-Vibe drumsticks or use additional grip tape on your sticks.

I’ve share more consideration below, but for now, let’s jump right into the topic:

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

DrumstickMaterialWeight DistributionTip MaterialWhy this
Vic Firth American ClassicHickoryBalancedNylonNo fluff. Basic. Affordable. Nylon Tips reduce damage to mesh heads.
Promark Hickory with Nylon TipHickoryBalancedNylonNo fluff. Basic. Affordable. Nylon Tips reduce damage to mesh heads.
Zildjian 5A Wood Anti-Vibe DrumsticksHickoryBalancedWoodReduces fatigue especially good if you’re drumming on rubber drum heads
ProMark Classic FireGrain ForwardHickory (heat-tempered)Front-weightedWoodDurable with wood tip for those who are not used to nylon tips
Ahead JJ1 Speed MetalAluminiumBalanceNylonDurable, light weight, reduces vibration.

Vic Firth American Classic

  • Length: 16″
  • Diameter: 0.565”
  • Material: Hickory

The best and also most basic drumstick for electronic drums, the Vic Firth Classic series also made my Best Beginner Drumsticks list. If you’re new to electronic drums or even drumming, this is a good choice to start with.

The Vic Firth American Classic 5AN comes with a Nylon tip which is good if you’re using an electronic drum kit with mesh heads. Of course, if you’re on rubber heads, you can consider the wood tip version which is even cheaper.

They are durable for most drummers, save for the few hard hitting muscle heads.

I’m not the only fan of Vic Firth’s American Classic drumsticks. It has over 14.4K+ ratings on Amazon. Vic Firth also boldly claims that they are the world’s best-selling stick!

Promark Hickory Drumsticks with Nylon Tip

  • Length: 16″
  • Diameter: 0.54”
  • Material: Hickory

Promark’s hickory drumsticks are another affordable and durable alternative. The Promark Hickory drumsticks also come with the option of a wood tip as well, if your electronic drumkit doesn’t use mesh pads.

Promark also offers the FORWARD and REBOUND variations on their Hickory drumsticks. The FORWARD range is front-weighted and was designed to optimize for power and speed on the drum kit. The REBOUND range is rear-weighted and offers better agility and finesse.

Personally, I’ve stuck with balanced weighted drumsticks so far as I feel they give me a comfortable playing experience for casual drumming.

Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks

  • Length: 16″
  • Diameter: 0.56”
  • Material: Hickory

Zildjian Anti-Vibe drumsticks come with a patented feature that reduces vibrations. This helps reduce the stress and fatigue on your hands and arm muscles while drumming. If you’re using an electronic drumkit with rubber heads or even rubber cymbals, you might want to consider this.

If you’re constantly practicing your rudiments or working on your speed on practice pads, you’ll love the Zildjian Anti-Vibe drumsticks as well.

Even gamers rocking out on their Rock Band drums have declared their love for the Anti-vibe sticks!

ProMark Classic FireGrain Forward

  • Length: 16″
  • Diameter: 0.551”
  • Material: Heat tempered Hickory

Not everyone likes nylon tips. I know, they can feel plastic-ky and make a weird, higher pitched tapping sound that could be irritating for certain roommates.

If that’s you, the FireGrain series from ProMark could be your option. (or change your roommates 🤪)

Promark’s FireGrain Hickory is manufactured using a heat-tempering process that increases the durability of the sticks. This reduces the chances of damage and frilling that could damage your mesh heads.

For about a dollar more than the regular Promark Hickory sticks, the FireGrain forward sticks are relatively affordable. And the reviews seem to agree with Promark’s claim of extended durability. It seems the heavy hitters have a hit with this one!

Of course, if you are open to using drumsticks that are not made from wood, you should definitely consider the following:

Ahead JJ1 Speed Metal

  • Length: 17.3″
  • Diameter: 0.9”
  • Material: Aluminium

Durable, light weight and comes with a Vibration Control System that absorbs shock from your drumming. If you want to go fast on your electronic drums without the fatigue, these could be for you.

The JJ1 are closer in weight to 7A drumsticks. If you’ve been drumming with 5As, you might need to adjust to these.

The Ahead JJ1 is used by Joey Jordison from SLIPKNOT. Ahead drumsticks are also endorsed by drummer superstars like Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Tico Torres from Bon Jovi and more!

If you’re still reading at this point, you might be wondering if you should be going with nylon tips or wood tips. Here’s a quick tip (pun intended) 😝:

Nylon tip vs Wood tip drumsticks for electronic drums

The key difference is that nylon tips tend to remain smooth over long term use. Wood tips may frill, chip or open up after prolong use which could damage the drum heads on your electronic drums

The chipped wood could cause minor scratches and damages to your drum kits over time

Or, you could just stick to wood tips but change your drumsticks frequently. After all, if your drumsticks don’t chip, your mesh heads don’t care.

The more sensitive drummers may also detect a slight difference in the rebound of the drumsticks across the different materials.

How to pick the best drumsticks for electronic drums?

Here’re five things to look out for when choosing a pair of drumsticks for electronic drums:

1) Material

Although I’ve listed mostly wooden drumsticks, you have many other options when it comes to the material of your drumsticks. Personally, I’ve always returned to Hickory sticks because of their weight and my familiarity with them.

Today, you can also find carbon fiber drumsticks that are very light and durable, polyurethane (a plastic) known for their durability and anti-slip properties and many more.

While the material doesn’t affect the music you’re creating on an electronic drum kit, it greatly affects your drumming experience.

I would encourage most drummers to start with wooden drumsticks because they are easier to find in the market. And, if you ever find yourself needing to borrow a pair, you’ll usually be given wooden sticks.

However, if you have a personal preference, go with it!

2) Tip material

That said, I encourage drummers who play on an electronic drum kit to opt for nylon tips instead of wood tips due to the durability of nylon tips.

Nylon tips tend not to frill unlike their wood counterparts. The frilling could scratch or dent the mesh drum heads of your electronic drum kit.

The same could be true for acoustic drum kits as well. So, if you’re hellbent on using sticks with wood tips, always check your drumsticks for frills or sharp edges before drumming!

3) Tip Design

On an acoustic drumkit, the shape of your drumstick tips would produce different sounds. Oval tips are known for a balanced, extensive range of sound while teardrop or acorn shapes produce warmer lower toned sounds.

    On electronic drums, these don’t really make a different to the sound quality because you’re triggering a drum track. Also, most nylon tips are oval, so there isn’t much choice here.

    However, the tip of drumsticks would affect your playing experience as well. If you’re not used to oval tips, you may need to explore and test out alternatives to find the best drumsticks that suit you.

    4) Weight

    Regardless of how strong you are, your arms will tire after drumming for a long time. Having lighter drumsticks could reduce the fatigue.

    That said, heavier drumsticks produce louder beats which are desirable for certain genre of music.

    Pick the best weight based on your comfort level and the genre of music that you usually play!

    5) Balance

    While I recommend balanced sticks for most drummers, you might find advantages in using either front-weighted or rear-weighted drumsticks depending on the type of music you play.

    If you want to go fast and strong, front weighted could be your go-to. On the other hand, if you want control and the ability to riff tight grooves, rear weighted drumsticks might be your preference.

    Of course, this would also depend on your drumming technique. Its best to test out a range of drumsticks to find the best type for your playing style.

    Additional tips:

    • Make sure your nylon tip drumsticks have a smooth head. If you’re picking your sticks at a music store, you have the advantage of feeling them out first.
    • Avoid drumsticks with burrs, bumps or protrusions as these will damage your rubber or mesh pads after prolong use.

    tl;dr The Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums are…

    Vic Firth American Classic with Nylon Tips.

    They are affordable, relatively durable for most drummers and can be easily purchased online and at any music store near you.

    A word of advice.

    Although you can grab a pair off Amazon or any online music shop like Guitar Center’s, I strongly recommend that you visit your local music store to get your drumsticks. You should be able to inspect and feel the tips of the drumsticks for any burrs or protrusions. You might even be able to have a go on their in-store electronic drums to get a feel of playing with the drumsticks.

    There’s only so much the specifications and my recommendations can tell you, it’s best to experience the drumsticks in person.

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