Best Drum Kit for Jazz

best drum kit for jazz

I remember being blown away at the very first jazz performance I’ve ever been to. Jazz drummers are one of a kind, don’t you think? How do they make such captivating music from such a lean drum kit? I’ve searched for the best Jazz drum set since then and I think I’ve found it! Best … Read more

Best Leather Stick Bags for Drummers

Leather Stick Bags for Drummers

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping for leather stick bags made specifically for drummers. Unlike guitarists, we drummers don’t hand carry much of our gears. With exception to our drumsticks. Using a leather stick bag gives us a classy way to transport our drumsticks, instead of having them sticking out of our bag … Read more

Best Snare Drum Head for Rock

Best Snare Drum Heads for Rock

As you gain confidence in drumming, you’ll start to explore different genre of music and drumming. And as you explore and evolve your drumming style, you will find a need to move on from your beginner drum kit. But! Getting a brand new drum kit can be devastating for your bank account. Hence before you … Read more

Cheap Drum Sets Under $300

Cheap Drum Sets Under $300

You’ve probably dreamt of being on the throne, behind a drum set and having the freedom to drum to your heart’s content while enjoying the music. But, before you can get there, you’ll first need to learn to drum. And you don’t even have access to a drum kit. So, here you are looking for … Read more

Best E-Drums for Beginners (Top 8)

Best E-Drums for Beginners

There are hundreds or even thousands of electronic drums that you can choose from today. It’s not surprising for a new drummer to feel overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a way to narrow down your options? Good news! I went shopping, testing and researching and ended up with a list of the best … Read more