SlapKlatz Pro [A Drummer’s Review]

SlapKlatz Pro Review

Your drums and cymbals are driving you up the wall with their overtones and leaving a ringing sound in your head? You’d probably need to dampen your drum kit. Drum dampening gels have been in the market for ages. They gave drummers a way to dampen their drums without leaving sticky residue that was commonly … Read more

#1 Drum Practice Pad For Beginners

Drum Practice Pad for Beginners

What is the #1 tool that new drummers must use for fastest development of your skill? The Drum Practice Pad of course! And this is the #1 practice pad in my opinion: Drumeo P4 Practice Pad It comes with 4 different surfaces that provides different drumstick feedback as well as tones. The drumeo P4 practice … Read more