Yamaha DTX400K Review

So, you want a beginner electronic drum kit that doesn’t suck? The Yamaha DTX400K might just be the one for you. This review will highlight both the pros and cons of the Yamaha DTX400K electronic drum kit, and hopefully pinpoint any gaps that you might have missed. Before we jump into the rabbit hole, here’s … Read more

ION Audio Redline Drums Review

My thoughts on the ION Audio Redline Drums in a sentence: It is an electronic drum kit that’s perfect for beginners who want to learn to drum at home. See how much the ION Audio Redline cost today However, it is not the best option for seasoned drummers. So! You want to start learning to … Read more

#1 Drum Practice Pad For Beginners

What is the #1 tool that new drummers must use for fastest development of your skill? The Drum Practice Pad of course! And this is the #1 practice pad in my opinion: Drumeo P4 Practice Pad It comes with 4 different surfaces that provides different drumstick feedback as well as tones. The drumeo P4 practice … Read more