It’s finally here! Ok, I actually got it a few weeks back, but was busy playing with it instead of updating

Vic Firth Drum Practice Pad – 6 inches, Single side

Vic Firth-Drum Practice Pad-6 inch-Single Side

The estimated shipping time from Amazon (to Singapore) was quite long as I had chosen with the cheaper shipping option. Hence, I decided to purchase the Vic Firth Drum Practice Pad from a local store instead. Unfortunately, I could only find a 6 inch, single-sided drum pad, instead of the intended double-sided drum practice pad.

So here’s my review of the Vic Firth 6 inch Drum Practice Pad instead.

Vic Firth Drum Practice Pad_Top View

At 6 inches, this drum pad is easy to carry around. It weighs about 500g (or 1.1 pounds) and feels sturdy. If you are restricted to a small space to practice, this size is perfect. Otherwise, it is good to consider the 12 inch version.

(Amazon states that its dimension is: 8.2 x 7.1 x 1 inches – about 21 x 18 x 2.5 cm)

At the start, my sticks would hit each other while I was practicing on the practice pad. But this only occurs when my arm positions were awkward. Maybe it’s a good way to correct my drumming posture. 😛

Whenever I wish to practice, all I’d need to do is to shift my keyboard to the back and it fits perfectly. Do pick a suitable size based on the space you have to practice.

Vic Firth Drum Practice Pad_Side view

This is the view from the side. The padding looks thick and is rather hard, giving a good rebound when hitting with a drum stick.

If you have tried any of the methods in my previous article on the ‘Alternatives to a Drum Practice Pad‘, you would experience the same degree of appreciation I have for an actual drum practice pad.

The bounce and rebound of the sticks on the surface of the Vic Firth Drum Practice Pad beats all the other alternatives I could think off. (I’m glad I finally got my hands on it)

Here’s a short video to hopefully give you an idea of the bounce and feel of the drum practice pad.

An additional feature of this Single Side Drum Practice Pad is that you attach it to an adjustable stand. This feature is not something I will be using.

Vic Firth Single Sided Drum Practice Pad Base

I tend to simple place the practice pad on my table.

NOTE: I find it more comfortable to practice on the practice pad when it is placed on a sturdy surface. Placing it on the bed causes the drum pad to shift as I practiced.

I will share some of the key pointers to note when practicing on a drum pad in the next post! Till then, happy drumming!

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