Small Drum Kits for Adults

Prices are rising.

Spaces are shrinking.

Being a drummer who lives in a small space, I’m always on the look out for small drum kits for adults.

If you are looking for drum kits that fit tighter spaces, this article is for you.

Below, you’ll find options for the aspiring drummer who is fighting against space constrains, as well as some of the best compact drum kits that you should consider.

Small Drum Kits for Adults

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Drum Kit / Drum PackFloor space required (Width x Depth)TypeBox Dimension (L x B x H)WeightComments
Roland TD- 1KV

39" x 25"

991 mm x 635 mm
Electronic drum kit48" x 49" x 40"26 pounds

11.8 kg
This version comes with a mesh snare drum instead of a regular rubber pad.
Yamaha DTX400K

44" x 26"

1100 mm x 650 mm
Electronic drum kit35.1" x 22.7" x 12.4"38.6 pounds

17.5 kg
Drums in the Yamaha DTX400 series have similar floor space requirements. Check them out.
Tama Cocktail Jam

29" x 17"

737 mm x 432 mm
Acoustic cocktail drum kit23" x 22" x 22"30 pounds

13.6 kg
Complete acoustic drum kit with an innovative set up. They offer a 'MINI' version that is 2" smaller.
Ludwig Breakbeats

37" x 30"

940 mm x 762 mm

*without cymbals
Compact Acoustic drum shell pack23" x 23" x 18"51 pounds

23.1 kg
This is a shell pack, does not include cymbals nor hardware
Tama Club Jam

45" x 27"

1143 mm x 686 mm

*without cymbals
Compact Acoustic drum shell pack28" x 22" x 16"44 pounds

19.9 kg
This is a shell pack, does not include cymbals.
Pearl Compact Traveler

15" by 30"
 381 mm by 762 mm
*without cymbals
Shell less acoustic drum kit25.4" x 24.8" x 6.8"18.74 pounds

8.5 kg
Only comes with a snare and bass drum, pre-assembled on a portable rack.
Traps A400

36" x 23"
 915 mm by 585 mm
*without cymbals
Shell less acoustic drum kit30" x 23" x 9"55.1 pounds

25 kg
5 piece shell-less drum kit with hardware and kick pedal. Cymbals not included.

We’ve looked through, analysed and compared over 23 small drum kits for adults, and highlighted 5 useful ones that you can consider.

We share some of our thoughts in the next section.

Whether or not you agree with our view, we think you might find this useful as ‘hit list’ of sorts, from which you can start your research.

Compact Electronic Drum Kits

I’ll break these drum kits into different categories. Let’s start with the most common types of small drum kits for adults; electronic drum kits.

In this category, we think that these 2 drum kits are the clear winners in terms of their features and their durability:

Roland TD- 1KV


Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 39″ x 25″ or 991 mm x 635 mm
  • Type: Electronic drum kit
  • Box Dimension: 48″ x 49″ x 40″

The Roland TD-1Kv is a compact electronic drum kit that features a mesh snare drum head. If you want a cheaper option, consider the Roland TD-1K that comes with a rubber snare drum pad instead.

Mesh heads are known to last longer. And the snare drum pad will inevitably be the drum pad that receives the most hits on your e-drum kit. Therefore, having a mesh snare drum head will save you the need to replace the rubber pad in the near future.

Read what other drummers think about the TD-1K

The TD-1Kv features a space saving rack design that allows for a small footprint along with comfortably sized rubber pads for adult drummers.

The rack system can be adjust to suit drummers of a wide range of height.

Hence, you will notice that children and adults alike will be able to play and master the drums with ease on the Roland TD-1Kv. If you’re a parent looking to invest in an electronic drum kit for your child, the Roland TD-1Kv is an investment that you can consider as it can be expanded and customized for your child as they grow.

Best of all, Roland is known for its high quality electronic drum kits that are build to last. You do not have to worry about maintenance or durability even if you need to be setting up and storing the drum kit frequently.

You can read related articles on our views about the Roland TD-1Kv here:
Alesis Nitro vs Roland TD-1K
Best electronic drum kits for adults

Yamaha DTX400K

yamaha dtx400k

Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 44″ x 26″ or 1100 mm x 650 mm
  • Type: Electronic drum kit, Compact drum kit
  • Box Dimension: 39.6 x 35.1 x 6.1 inches

Like the Roland TD-1K, the Yamaha DTX400K is a compact electronic drum kit designed to have a small footprint.

It has a flexible rack system that allows you to adjust the height to the needs of the drummer as well. (Check latest availability here)

This unboxing video will give you a sense of how compact the DTX400K is:

Video by theroarbots

Yamaha has a wide range of e-drums with DTK400K being a entry level electronic drum kit suitable for the budget conscious or the space conscious.

Despite its lower price point, you can expect to receive a trustworthy and durable e-drum kit with the DTX400K.

Yamaha DTX400K vs Roland TD-1Kv

We won’t dive deep into the specifications, but here’s a quick comparison table for those who are comparing the Yamaha DTX400K and the Roland TD-1K:

Roland TD1KYamaha DTX400K

Type of drum kitElectronic Drum KitElectronic Drum Kit
What You GetRoland TD-1 Drum Module
1 x 7" Snare Drum Pad (Rubber pads, 1 zone)
3 x 7" Tom Drum Pad (Rubber pads, 1 zone)
3 x Cymbal Pads (Rubber pads, 2 zone. Crash cymbal has choke zone)
1 x Hi-hat Pedal (open/close/half-open/splash)
1 x Kick Pedal
Drum key
Yamaha DTX400 module
4 x 7” drum pads (Rubber pad, 1 zone)
3 x 10” Cymbal Pads (Rubber pad, 1 zone)
Hi-hat pedal (open/close/half-open)
Kick pedal
Drum ThroneNot IncludedNot Included
Additional Features15 pre-set drum kits
15 pre-set songs that cover 9 genres of drumming
Ability to modify kit through the use of MIDI pads or pedal
Metronome Function
Coaching Function
10 pre-set drum kits
10 play-a-long songs
169 percussion sounds
Coaching Function
Sound Quality
Noise LevelNoise of tapping against rubber pads.Noise of tapping against rubber pads.
DurabilityMore durable (mesh snare head)Less durable (rubber snare drum pad)
Space requirementAbout 3.3ft x 3.9ftAbout 2.2ft x 3.7ft
Price Range$$$$$$$

Our thoughts;

Between the Yamaha DTX400K and the Roland TD-1Kv, we’d prefer the TD-1Kv if we have the budget.

The mesh head snare drum sealed the deal for us as it provides a better feedback for the drummer as well as greater durability compared to regular rubber drum pads.

Compact Acoustic Drum Kits

For drummers who want to enjoy the playing experience of an acoustic drum kit, despite being limited to a small space, here are some options you can consider:

Ludwig Breakbeats

4-piece shell pack designed for city dwelling drummers who live in small, tight apartments.


Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 37″ x 30″ or 940 mm x 762 mm (*dimensions does not include cymbals)
  • Type: Acoustic drum shell pack
  • Box Dimension: 23″ x 23″ x 18″

Questlove designed the Breakbeats drum kit for drummers who want to sound good despite being limited to small spaces.

He wanted to solve the main that drummers living in big cities with small apartments face; lack of space in their apartments

Hence, you can expect the Ludwig breakbeats shell pack to check that box.

He also incorporate the solution that solves another problem that gigging drummers face – portability of their drum kit.

The Breakbeats shell pack was designed to be packed into a single bag for easy transportation.

All you need is probably an affordable hardcase for your hardware and cymbals.

The assembly of the Breakbeats is pretty straightforward too.

If you’re looking for a portable, compact acoustic drum kit that sounds great, this is probably where you want to start looking.

Here’s how it sounds:

Video by JazzDrummerWorld

Tama Club Jam

4-piece drum shell pack that was designed for drummers who gig at smaller venues.

tama club jam

Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 45″ x 27″ or 1143 mm x 686 mm (*dimensions does not include cymbals)
  • Type: Acoustic drum shell pack
  • Box Dimension: 28″ x 22″ x 16″

Similar to the Ludwig Breakbeats, the Tama Club Jam drum shell pack was also designed for drummers who gig often at small spaces.

This is how it sounds right out of the box:

Video by Ro Muñoz

*do note that the Tama Club Jam is a 4 piece drum shell pack and does not come with hardware or cymbals.

Some drummers did mention that the stock drum heads should be changed for better sound quality.

We’ll leave that decision to you.

Tama Cocktail Jam

A portable complete drum set designed for street performers or drummers who are constantly on the road.

tama cocktail jam

Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 29″ x 17″ or 737 mm x 432 mm
  • Type: Acoustic cocktail drum kit
  • Box Dimension: 23″ x 22″ x 22″

Cocktail drum kits are in a category of their own.

These uniquely designed drum kits have reduced the need for additional floor space required by the bass drum by flipping it on its side, literally.

This also means you get a smaller drum kit that is rather portable.

Here’s how it works and sounds:

Video by TAMA Drums official

Tama has improvised on the cocktail drum design with their sound focus pad that attenuates the tone of the bass drum.

This means that you will be able to draw a fuller and more distinct sound from the bass drum.

Here’s how it sounds like with and without the sound focus pad:

Pearl Compact Traveler

A portable 2-piece drum kit built for performing drummers who are constantly on the go. Fits great in a small apartment.

Pearl Compact Traveler

Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 15″ by 30″ or 381 mm by 762 mm (without cymbals)
  • Type: Acoustic, shell less drum kit
  • Box Dimension: 25.4″ x 24.8″ x 6.8″
  • Cymbals and kick pedal not included

The Pearl Compact Traveler drum kit features an innovative drum design as well.

It scores high on the portability and compact front.

The snare and bass drums come assembled on the rack, so all you need to do is to unfold the setup and you’re good to go.

Video by シライミュージック

It tunes like any regular acoustic drum, all you’d need is a drum key.

Storage is also easy as this drum kit only takes up about 18″ x 5″ area when collapsed.

Keep in mind that this traveler drum kit does not come with additional hardware, pedals or cymbals.

You can consider adding a bass drum pedal, a hi-hat and a crash to the set up for a complete drumming experience.

For a shell-less bass drum, Pearl Compact Traveler has received constant praise for its sound quality and volume.

Here’s how it sounds:


It is also loved for its portability and small footprint.

Pearl Compact Traveler Bag

However, as a pre-assembled drum kit, drummers who like drum hard have noticed that the joints on the hardware may come loose after a while.

Traps A400 Drum Kit

A portable 5-piece drum kit that features power sounds, built for tight living spaces.

traps A400nc

Quick numbers that you’ll want to note:

  • Floor space required: 36″ x 23″ or 915 mm by 585 mm (without cymbals)
  • Type: Acoustic, shell less drum kit
  • Box Dimension: 30″ x 23″ x 9″
  • Cymbals not included. Comes with kick pedal and hi-hat stand.

The Traps A400 drum kit is another shell-less drum kit that wins on the portability and compactness fronts.

It fits into just 2 bags, and is relatively lightweight for 5 piece drum kit with hardware.

The rack was designed to be sturdy, even for a drummer who likes to hit those drums at full force.

Despite featuring shell-less drums, the Traps A400 still allows drummers to produce pretty decent sounds with their Remo heads:

Video by burgercismusic

Most drummers who have played on the Traps A400 are blown away by its sound.

However, there have been reports by users that the plastic brackets on the kit may not be durable. So you’ll want to take extra care when playing on this kit.

Depending on the availability of support and how resourceful you are, you might need to spend additional effort to look for parts if you were to break anything.

Do take note that cymbals are not included so you’ll need to get them separately.

5 considerations you should make when selecting a small drum kit for adults

As the title of this article states, we’d focused only on small drum kits suitable for adults here.

These were the criteria we used to select these drum kits.

We think they are good guidelines that you should consider as well.

1 – Size


You want a drum set that has a small footprint.

Isn’t that why you’re even reading this?

  • Check the Dimensions

We’ve included the dimension of the drum kit set up (aka its footprint) in the comparison table above.

Focusing on footprint is the most direct way for you to find a small drum kit that fits your tight space.

We try to considered drum kits that take up less than 39″ by 39″ (or 1m by 1m) area for this article.

  • Word of Warning

While you’re focusing on the dimensions, you’ll want to check if the small drum kit you’re considering is designed for adults.

Make sure that while the drum kit is small enough to fit into your space, it should allow you to drum comfortably at the same time.

Unless you don’t mind drumming like this:

Video from Myrna Sislen

We omitted any junior or kids drum kits in this article.

2 – Portability / Ease of set up

In the smallest of space, drummers may need to set up and dismantle their drum kit for each practice session.

This can be a pain. Really.

Hence, we look for drum kits that are easy to set up and tune.

Ideally, the drum kit should take up even less space when packed up.

In the table above, we provide you with the dimension of the boxes.

Use that as a gauge for the amount of storage space you’ll need to dedicate to your brand new drum kit.

3 – Sound Quality

Space constrains should not be an excuse for horrible sounding drum kit.

Yea, this is the second reason why most junior drum kits don’t make it into this list.

As drummers we want a drum kit that not only fits our living (or studio) space. We want a reliable, great sounding drum too!

Each drummer has their own definition for the ‘perfect’ drum kit.

We think a passable drum should have the following sound quality:

  • Volume: who would want to drum on a quiet drum kit that doesn’t resonate when you hit it? That’s just frustrating.
  • Crisp, snappy snare drum.
  • Strong, bold bass drum.
  • Doesn’t sound like a plastic toy.

4 – Drumming experience

Again, I want to emphasize that although we want something compact, we should not be compromising on the quality of the drum kit.

In terms of drumming experience, I look out for these:

i) Comfort of playing

Let’s face it, a compact drum kit will always end up feeling more cramped compared to a full sized drum set.

At the same time, we want to find a good balance between comfort of play and size.

If your local music store allows you to test out any of their compact drum kits, give it a go.

Otherwise, you’ll want to look at the dimensions again.

Use those numbers to visualize how the kit is set up and if it will be comfortable to play.

This is a rather personalized factor because shorter smaller, fun sized folks like me have a greater tolerance for smaller drum kits while the taller drummers might find themselves limited to just a couple of choices.

Remember, we are looking for compact, small sized drum kits for adults that deliver on both its size and drumming experience.

ii) Similar to an acoustic drum kit

If you’re looking for a drum kit to practice on, you’ll want something that closely replicates the experience of an acoustic drum kit.

Tabletop drum kits are great for portability and space constrains.

However, they do not provide optimal practice experience for drummers (especially newbies) in our opinion.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you can click this image to browse for tabletop drum kits on amazon:

Alesis CompactKit

Hence, we omitted tabletop drum kits from this article as well.

Might do a separate but dedicated article just for table top drum kits in the future, so look out for it!

5 – Electronic vs Acoustic?

Now, this is a decision that is entirely up to you. For more details, I did a detailed comparison of electronic drums vs acoustic drums.

If you’re a purist, you may want to stick to an acoustic drum kit.

However, your choices are rather limited.

You’ll also notice that many of the acoustic drum kits that made our list were 3 or 4 piece drum sets.

This is the bare minimum for most drummers. (Jazz drummers will probably be satisfied with a small 3 piece drum kit)

If you’d like to increase the number of hardware, you’ll probably need more space.

On the other hand…

There are comparatively more electronic drum kits that were built for compact spaces.

Plus, you’ll get access to multiple drum profiles or presets. These will give you a wider range of options of drum sounds.

Adding hard ware for electronic drum kits is an easier process as well.

Many times, all you need to do is to ensure you have enough space on your pre-existing drum rack.

Otherwise, you can play around with the trigger sounds for your pre-existing drum pads or electronic cymbals as well.

Not sure which electronic drum kit is the one for you? Discover our pick of the best electronic drums here.


In this article, we gave you some of the best small drum kits for adults. (click here to refer to summary table again)

We have filtered through over 23+ compact drum kits to come up with this list.

You might find it easier to pick one from this list if you are searching for a drum kit to fit into a small space.

If you’re still unsure which compact drum kit to go for, read the section on the 5 considerations you should make when selecting a small drum kit for adults again.

These should set you on the right path.

If you have done your research and are still not able to fit a drum set into your space, you might want to consider cajons instead. Our cajon wood guide will bring you up to speed on how to select a suitable cajon for your needs.

And oh, by the way…

Drummers struggling with small spaces tend to share another common problem – complains of noise from neighbors or housemates.

If you are sick of dealing with fussy neighbors, you might want to consider electronic drum kits.

Or, read our guide on soundproofing your room for drums.

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