Gifts For a Drummer Boyfriend

Since most of us are stuck at home in 2020 with nothing much to look forward to, I’ve decided to update this list for folks who are Christmas shopping early this year!

If you’re reading this, your boyfriend is one lucky guy.

In a nutshell, here are some of the best gifts you can consider for your drummer boyfriend:

This table has been arranged by price. Detailed review of each gift idea is available below, click on the name of the gift idea to read our review.

Gift IdeaWhy this?Price
Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad
Perfect for the drummer boyfriend who gigs. The Roland SPD-SX will broaden his playing repertoire with samples, tracks and effects instantly.$$$$$
Westone UM-Pro30
One of the best sound isolation in ear monitors for drummers. This will protect your man's hearing and allow him to drum for longer periods, in comfort.$$$$
Pearl 9 Note Tongue Drum (PMTD9AKB692)
'Sensual', 'soothing', and 'calming' are just some of the terms used to describe the music that this drum creates. If your drummer boyfriend is an adventurous musician, this is the best gift for him.$$$$
You love your boyfriend but sometimes it get unbearable when he drums too loudly. This virtual drums will keep everybody happy.$$$$
Jumbie Jam Steel Drum
Like the Tongue Drum, the Jumbie Jam Steel Drum produces interesting sounds that any serious musician should explore. Plus, it's easy to learn too.$$$$
ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black
Protects and supports your man's back and bump while he drums.$$$$
Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating In Ear Stereo Earphones
A versatile and comfortable stereo earphones that fits the needs of most musicians.$$$$
Timber Drum Co. T18-M Slit Tongue Log Drum [SOLD OUT]
Is your man versatile? The Slit Tongue Log Drum is an interesting drum that produces warm, woody sounds.$$$
Gearlux 5-Piece Drum Bag Set
Your boyfriend takes his kit on tours? This drum bag set will help protect his gear during transport and storage.$$$
Drumstick Wall Display Case
Every drummer looks up to a pro drummer, but not every drummer has a autographed pair of sticks. For the lucky ones who do, this is how they'd want to show it off.$$$
DrumDial Drum Tuner
Our favorite drum tuner; foolproof, silent, fast to tune any drum head with. Your boyfriend's drums will always sound perfect with this.$$$
Drumeo P4 Practice Pad
Brings the fun back to drumming, great gift for the drummer who wants to improve his stick control, speed and creativity.$$$
WerKens Hand Made Genuine Leather Drumstick Bag
For the stylish drummer boyfriend, this handcrafted leather drumstick bag holds over 8 pairs of sticks, mallet and the sort. And can be zipped up for easy transport, and hooked onto floor tops during drumming sessions. No more drum sticks sticking out of his bag.$$$
Boss DB-30 Metronome
Drummers have to hold the beat. With this metronome, your man will be The Man of the band.$$$
Drum Set Dust Cover
Perfect way to protect a drum kit from dust and unwanted fingerprints from curious strangers. Also great as a hint that he should be spending more time with you ;>$$
Acrylic Collector Drumstick Rack
For the drummer boyfriend who is an avid drumstick collector or one who always breaks his sticks but never wants to throw them away. Great way to display some of those.$$
TAMA TMT9 Drum Multi Tool
Another lifesaving tool for drummers, this drum multi tool is perfect if your drummer boyfriend is always losing his drum key or allen key.$$
EarPeace High Fidelity Hearing Protection Ear Plugs
Protect your man's hearing, especially if he gigs. Alternatively, works for you if he plays badly too.$$
Liberty Imports Electronic Mini Finger Drum
This touch sensitive desktop electronic drumset lets your man bring his music out of his drumming studio, so that he can maybe spend a little more time with you.$$
Original Drums Patent Art Prints
For the couple that enjoys art together, these Drums Patent Prints will be the perfect wall piece at your home or his man cave.$
Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit (ZSK)
If your drummer boyfriend plays at gigs, the Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit may save his gig when he least expects it to.$
Drum Stick Holder
Perfect for hard hitting drummers who have a tendency to break their sticks. The Drum Stick Holder ensures that he'll always have a spare pair within arms reach.$
3D Drum Set Metal Model Kit
For the drummer boyfriend who is great with his hands, this cute little 3D drum kit model will challenge his skills.$
Stick Control Book
Highly recommended, even by serious drummers who perform at live gigs, this book holds the drum exercise secrets to becoming a better drummer.$
Drum Set Cufflinks
For the drummer boyfriend who looks after his looks. This set of cufflinks are subtle but bold. Perfect for the next night out too.$
Meinl Cymbal Sizzler
Tight on budget but still want to get him something useful? This is it, the Meinl Cymbal Sizzler will add the sizzle to his cymbals. You might need to get 2 of these.$
Sex Wax Drumstick Wax
For the drummer boyfriend who can't seem to have a grip on his sticks, Sex Wax helps.$

Still not sure what to pick?

No problem, I’ve categorized the gift ideas for your drummer boyfriend, just click on the section to skip to it 🙂

Essential Gifts for a drummer boyfriend

Every drummer needs the following, if you’re not sure where to start, this section is written for you:

TAMA TMT9 Drum Multi Tool

TAMA TMT9 Drum Multi Tool

Weighing 8 ounces with dimensions of 1 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches, the Tama Drum Multi Tool comes with:

  • Hex Wrench 5.0mm/4.0mm/3.0mm/2.5mm/2.0mm,
  • Keychain Link,
  • Hex Nut Driver,
  • Phillips Screwdriver,
  • Drum Keys (x2)
  • Wing Nut Loosener

This multi tool was created specifically for drummers, from tuning drum heads to racking up their drum kit (almost) all the tool he needs can be found in this nifty Drum Multi Tool.

Definitely a lifesaver when a drummer is working on a new kit, jamming at a studio with an unfamiliar kit, and even a touring drummer.

Our review of Tama Drum Multi Tool (TMT9)

Overall, the Tama drum multi-tool is sturdy and the accompanying tools have been strategically positioned.

You can tell that the engineers and designers have taken the user’s experience into consideration.

The screwdriver, drum key and hex wrenches are located at the ends of the Tama Multi Tool and allow the user to grip the tool in the same way they’d would with the original tool

The additional drum key on the side also works the same way.

Instead of wasting precious space on the tool, the designers managed to sneak a wing nut loosener on the empty side of the Multi Tool as well! No more struggling with tight wing nuts on stands.

Plus the size is perfect and can be carried around in his gig bag, or his drum sticks bag.

If your boyfriend is still relying on a regular drum key for tuning, and doesn’t own the hand tools required for racking up drumkits, this tool is the perfect gift.

Read what other owners of the Drum Multi Tool say on Amazon.

IMO; the Tama Multi Tool should be coupled with the following as the perfect essential gift pack for most drummers:

Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit (ZSK)

Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit ZSK

You now have all the loose drum parts that a drummer needs but usually can’t find, in a convenient survival kit.

The drum kit is a rather complex instrument and you’d never know what will ‘break’, just when you need it to work.

All drummers should own the Zildjian drummer survival kit, or some version of it.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • 6 cymbal felts
  • 3 cymbal sleeves
  • 2 HiHat clutch felts
  • 1 HiHat cup felt
  • 3 x 8mm wing nuts
  • 8 tension rods (4 Floor Tom and 4 Snare Drum)
  • 12 nylon washers
  • drum key
  • 2 snare wire cords

Our review of Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit

You could either put it together yourself by getting several sets of felts, wing nuts, tension rods, washers, snare wire cords…or you could just get the pre-packed drummer’s survival kit that has been put together by a professional drum company.

To be honest, I have not used all the items in the kit yet.

There have been feedback that the older version of the Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit came with cymbal sleeves that were too small or too tight to fit onto the cymbal stand. They seem to have solved this issue now.

The rest of the tools in the drummer survival kit are pretty handy too, especially the felts and washers. I’d only wish there were more wing nuts included in the kit.

Lastly, I love that Zildjian included snare wire cords and tension rods into the kit as well. It is very difficult to find or borrow these when they break during the setting up.

Honestly, I think this gift should be coupled with the Tama Multi Tool as a complete drummer’s survival kit.

DrumDial Tuner


Drums are musical instruments, you’ll need to keep them in tune regularly.

The drum dial is a simple to use tuner that allows drummers to tune their drum heads silently.

This means that they can do their final check and tuning backstage without making any noise.

Works for acoustic drum kits only because it works by detecting the tension of the drum head.

Our review of Drum Dial Tuner

Read our in depth review and comparison of drum tuners here.

I really love the Drum Dial for its simplicity and ease of use, even for beginners.

All you need to do is to place the tuner on the drum head and tune it to recommended tension as per drumdial’s website.

Simple and fuss free.

EarPeace HD Concert High Fid felity Hearing Protection Ear Plugs


Comes with a carrying case.

Although drummers play in loud environment at most time, it doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice their hearing because of that.

Whether or not your drummer boyfriend performs live, jams with his friends or even jams in his man cave studio, this noise reducing earbuds will protect his hearing.

The EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 11 – 14. *NRR is the measurement of the ability to block out noise or reduce sound. A NRR of 14 means it blocks out a maximum of 14 dB of noise.

Our review of EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs

The EarPeace Ear Plugs fit snugly in my ears, but you’d have to follow the instructions on the package to get it in nicely. The ear plugs were a little long for me and it was worrying to have the tab sticking out of my ear.

However, after getting used to it everything was fine.

There is significant noise reduction and for the first time, I left a concert without the ringing sound in my ears!

There’s a little muffling and dampening of the original sound but at its price point, I wouldn’t be too critical.

You might also want to note that some drummers have reported that it muffles too much sound and that stopped using the ear plugs because they couldn’t practice with it on. This was not the case for me.

A plus point for the ear plugs is that they are very easy to keep clean, and they come with a carrying case so that you’d never lose them.

If you’re looking for ear plugs that reduces sound without significant muffling, you might want to opt for Earasers or if you have the budget, get some custom ear plugs.

But as a drummer who’s seated in right smack in the core of the music, the EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs is sufficient.

See what 503+ other users of EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs say on Amazon, be sure to read the negative ones too!

Gifts for a drummer boyfriend looking to improve his drumming

The following gift ideas are great for drummers who are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills.

Boss DB-30 Metronome


Our favorite metronome.

The Boss DB-30 is a handheld, pocket sized metronome suitable for any drummer to carry around in their bags.

Whether they are practicing or playing live, this metronome will be able to guide the drummer.

It comes with blinking lights that indicate the timing, which makes it useful even in noisy environments.

And, it doesn’t require a separate stand because of its size. You can place it on your practice pad while practicing your rudiments, or plug a earphone in and leave the metronome in your pocket.

Why get a physical metronome instead of using a free mobile app?

Because real metronomes have these key benefits that may be missing in your mobile app:

  • Good sound clip
  • blinking lights as visual cues
  • Easy to start/stop during practice, using a single button
  • Tempo tap function
  • Normal Tempo Range: 30 – 250 BPM
  • Above Average Tempo Accuracy: ± 0.1%

Our review of Boss DB-30 Metronome

Truth is, I was doubtful at first.

How loud can this metronome go? Will I be able to hear it over the noise and the rest of the band?

As soon as I learnt how to tell the timing from the blinking light, everything became easier. If the studio or stage was too noisy, I’d just rely on the blinking lights for timing, or I would just hook it onto my earphones during practice.

I’ve done a deeper review and comparison of metronomes previous, read that for more information!

In short, the Boss DB-30 metronome is a great tool to have if a drummer is trying to improve his skills.

Here’s a video of it in action:

Or see what drummers who have used the Boss DB30 Metronome say

Oh! I’d recommend to pair it with the next two gift ideas, for maximum growth as a drummer.

Drumeo P4 Practice Pad


Featuring 4 different playing surfaces that provides 4 different drumming feedback and rebound, this practice pad was specially designed by Pat Petrillo of Drumeo.

The location of the playing surfaces mimics the movement around the drums.

This helps drummers to build their speed and improve their creativity on the the drum kit.

Our review of Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

The Drumeo P4 Pad feels heavy and sturdy, which is great for a practice pad that will be hit vigorously and continuously.

Despite it’s weight, I’d say it’s still fairly portable. Drummers can easily pack this in their backpacks along with their drumstick, metronome and head out to practice at the studio or the park, or wherever they want really.

The pad can be used on any flat surfaces or placed on a snare drum stand. I prefer the latter because this allows you to adjust the height to mimic a snare drum.

Now…regular practice pads come with 1 single surface, and to be totally honest, practicing the rudiments can get boring.

The Drumeo P4 practice pad has made rudiment practice so much more fun.

Plus, the rebound you get of different surfaces allows the drummer to get used to playing in different ‘conditions’.

After all, the rebound on an actual kit varies between every drum kit and the drum sticks you use.

New users might need a while to get used to the P4 pad because of the smaller playing area for each surface. This helps the drummer to train their accuracy and control as well, after all you’ll want to be hitting the drum heads at the same spot all the time.

If your drummer boyfriend wants to improve his drumming, the Drumeo P4 Practice Pad is a great gift for him.

Here’s what other drummers jamming on the P4 say

Best paired with the Boss DB-30 Metronome and the following item:

Stick Control Book

stick control by george lawrence stone

Heavily recommended by serious drummers.

40+ pages with 100+ stick exercises that will build a drummer’s speed, stick control and concept of timing including:

  • single-beat combinations
  • triplets
  • short roll combinations
  • flam beats
  • flam triplets and dotted notes
  • and short roll progressions

It’s the go to resource for any drummer who wants to improve his skill. Although the book was originally published in 1985, the exercises remain relevant for drummers today.

Plus, it has been recommended across many forums, guides and articles online as well.

Our review of Stick Control

This is the natural progression from basic rudiment practice and has definitely helped me grow as a drummer.

And it’s not just my word.

You’ll see experienced drummers across the globe recommend this ‘ancient’ tome.

The only down side is that the multitude of stick exercises in this book can get a little dry at times.

But this is when the metronome comes in. Just increasing your speed alone will take a drummer to the next level with these exercises.

‘Stick Control’ is absolutely a great resource for drum practice to improve speed, control and timing which happen to be the key abilities of a good drummer. See what drummers who have used ‘Stick Control’ say

Gifts for a drummer boyfriend who plays at gigs

The following gift ideas are great for drummers who are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills.

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad

The Roland SPD-SX features:

  • over 900 drum and percussion sounds
  • 1/4″ line input that allows you to sample new sounds and widen your repertoire further
  • 2GB on-board memory to store your samples
  • 9 velocity-sensitive rubber pads that can be triggered with drumsticks or your hands
  • 2 external dual-trigger inputs
  • 3 units of multi-effects onboard
  • 2 real-time control knobs
  • 4 dedicated effect buttons

In short, the Roland SPD-SX gives drummers who gig the ability to trigger samples and tracks that will add another dimension to their music.

Our review of the Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad

If you listened to twenty one pilots, you’ll immediately see the unlimited potential a drummer has with the Roland SPD-SX percussion pad.

After all, Josh Dun (the drummer) manages to successfully perform multiple songs with just his drum kit, accompanied by his Roland SPD-SX.

Plus, you can expand it via its 2 trigger inputs, so you can actually have up to 13 trigger pads ready to go at any time.

My personal experience with the Roland SPD-SX has been great, I love the sensitive rubber trigger pads that allow me to have up to 9 sound samples ready to go at any one time.

With this, a drummer can go solo and have so much more fun drumming, even during practice sessions.

I don’t sample most of my sounds in the studio, so it’s also good to note that it allows me to import WAV files using a USB as well.

There’s really a ton of things a drummer can explore with this.

Overall, if your drummer boyfriend plays at gigs, or even jams with friends regularly, the Roland SPD-SX is definitely an ideal gift for him. Learn more about the Roland SPD-SX on Amazon now

Westone UM-Pro30


These in-ear monitors (IEMs) were designed with professional musicians’ needs in mind.

It has:

  • ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to wear, even for hours
  • 3 drivers which provides balanced sound
  • twisted detachable cable that reduces cable noise and makes it more durable against wear

It also comes with a convenient carrying case that helps you protect the ear phones.

Our review of the Westone UM Pro 30

First up, I got to rave about the comfort and fit of the Westone UM Pro-30.

Oddly, my right eardrum is slightly bigger than the left.

And I often have to deal with pain in the left ear after prolong use.

The Westone UM Pro 30 was comfortable on both ears and that was a welcomed change.

Secondly, the sound is truly balanced, across the entire range which means its suitable for all genre of music.

Pair it with a good earphone amp and you’ll definitely hear the difference!

Thirdly, the earphones does seem rather durable.

However, you do want to note that there have been reviews that these earphones tend to break or stop working quickly.

I am quite rough with my earphones. Most of my earphones start ‘dying’ after the joint between the earpiece and the cable breaks, within 2 years.

With the Westone UM Pro 30, the cables are detachable and they are twisted so they don’t get entangled at the joints compared to other IEMs. I’ve only had them for a month, so only time will tell.

Finally, for drummers or musicians who play at live gigs, these are one of the best mid-price IEMs.

They do isolate sound so that you get up close feedback from the rest of the band during the live concerts which is great.

If you have a drummer boyfriend who plays at live gigs, you’ll want to consider this in-ear monitors.

You’ll want to read what 70+ audiophiles say about the Westone UM Pro 30 on Amazon.

Gearlux 5-Piece Drum Bag Set

Gearlux 5-Piece Drum Bag Set

Drummers can transport the following drums (most standard 5 piece drumkit) with this drum bag set:

  • 12″ Tom
  • 13″ Tom
  • 14″ Snare
  • 16″ Floor Tom
  • 22″ Bass Drum

The bags are lined with 10mm of foam for protection and can be labelled for easy recognition.

In addition, each bag comes with a sling that allows for easy carrying. No more fumbling with huge drum bags.

Our review of the Gearlux Drum Bag Set

If your drummer boyfriend tours, travels or have to frequently transport his drumkit for gigs, practice or any other reasons, this drum bag set will allow him to transport them with ease and with additional protection.

They also happen to be a great way to store drums. So if your boyfriend is looking to make space in his regular drumming studio, he can store his drums in these.

Just add a dehumidifier into each bag before storing them long term.

You’ll want to note that these drum bags are catered for common sized drums, so if your boyfriend uses a unique drum like these, these bags may not be suitable. Find out more about the Gearlux Drum Bag set on Amazon now.

WerKens Hand Made Genuine Leather Drumstick Bag

WerKens Hand Made Genuine Leather Drumstick Bag

*Update* This is SOLD OUT and is not available at the moment. You might want to check out this alternative leather drumstick bag.

This drumstick bag works both as a drumstick holder and a drumstick bag!

If you want more options, we have compiled a list of great leather drumstick bags for drummers too.

You can bring your drumsticks, mallets, brushes, metronome, drum keys and other small drumming accessories with you in this classy looking, hand made leather drumstick bag.

Just before practice or a gig, all you need to do is to unzip the bag and hook it onto the floor tom with the hooks that come with the bag.

It’s perfect for drummers who play at gigs, touring drummers or drummers who travel to studios to practice their drumming.

Our review of the WerKens Leather Drumstick Bag

I am absolutely in love with the look and feel of this hand made leather drumstick bag.

Sometimes, I even use it when I have to head out for a short errand.

I have had experiences with artisan or handmade leather products that usually come with zippers that are literally stuck and impossible to use.

So I was a little worried that this might be the case for this drumstick bag as well. Fortunately, the zipper on this drumstick bag is really durable and smooth.

I’ve tried not to overload the bag with too many sticks, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you it’s max load. But thus far, it has withstood the weight of 3 pairs of drumsticks, a metronome, a drumkey and my home keys during a practice session.

Other users have reported that this drumstick bag is more durable than it looks too.

Gifts to impress the drummer boyfriend

You may not know what a drummer need, but you want to get something that he could use. These gift ideas are for you:

Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating In Ear Stereo Earphones


Affordable sound isolating in ear monitors that feature:

  • Single Dynamic Driver
  • Sound Isolating of up to 37 dB
  • Detachable cable system

This Shure SE215 pack comes with both the Shure in-ear monitors, along with 3 additional Triple Flange Sleeves for increased sound isolation and comfort.

Our review of the Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating In Ear Stereo Earphones

So why did the Shure SE215 make the list?

Because I am biased and really love what the Shure SE215 offers for its price.

It only has a single driver (the Westone has 3), but if your boyfriend isn’t an audiophile, this is really sufficient.

Together with the Triple Flange Sleeves, this IEM is a more affordable option for drummers who drum live or jam with their friends.

Or, if you are playing on an electronic drumkit.

A good thing to note is that the cable noise on this IEM is almost negligible too!

To be honest, I’m not the only one who like this earphones, you can read what other Shure SE215 users say here.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne


Drumming often involves the use of all 4 limbs.

This means the drummer is balancing his weight on the throne (the name that drummers use for the drum chair), especially during fast songs.

Prolong drumming coupled with bad posture can cause pain at the tailbone and lower back. This can lead to muscle aches in the short term and possibly chronic back pain in the long run.

Well designed drum thrones can help to absorb shock, bounce and cushion for drummer to negate potential injuries.

The Roc-n-Soc Nitro drum throne was designed with that in mind. You can tell when their 2 main features are there to protect drummers from injuries:

  • Nitrogen gas shock absorber for comfort and added bounce: Yup, the seat is compacted with nitrogen gas
  • Bicycle seat design: helps to reduce leg fatigue

Do note that the Roc-n-Soc Nitro drum throne seat height can only be adjusted between 18″ to 24″. If your boyfriend is very tall (>6’3″), it might not be the best option for him.

Our review of the Roc n Soc Nitro Throne

I’ve started out drumming on a hard cushion drum throne. At the end of a long practice session, my lower back and buttocks would ache.

After changing to the Roc n Soc Nitro Throne, the pain is now gone. The seat feels like a sturdy cushion and it helps to support my movement around the kit as well.

Instead of feeling like I was seated on a hard surface, the Nitro throne is a comfortable cushion. It is so much more comfortable to the point that my drumming sessions are starting to be stretched out longer.

Read what 183+ other drummers think about it here

Drum Set Dust Cover

Drum Set Dust Cover

Perfect for the weekend drummer who wants to keep his drums away from dust and from curious people who might be tempted to finger his drum heads.

Or, for the drummer who plays at live outdoor gigs and have to leave their drumkit in the open overnight.

  • Area: 80″ x 108″
  • Weight: 2 pound
  • water-resistant nylon cover
  • Keeps harmful UV rays away too
  • Comes with sewn-in weighted corners to keep it in place

Our review on the Drum Set Dust Cover by OnStage

The product designers have really done their research with this dust cover.

The material feels really robust. The weight is manageable, but you can feel it even as you lift a corner up. This really helps to deter curious strangers, especially if you’re made to leave your drum kit out for an outdoor gig.

I love the thoughtful weighted corners. They really help to keep the dust cover in place and I no longer have to place any weights on my drum heads to hold the cover in place.

The size is also worth mentioning. I had originally thought that it might be too big for me to handle as my previous cover was slightly smaller, but I really end up loving the convenience of a large dust cover.

You no longer have to struggle to tug the throne under the cover.

Oh, did I mention that it is really easy to clean? You can simply wipe off the dust with a damp towel!

Learn more about the Drum Dust Cover on Amazon here

String Swing Drum Stick Holder

String Swing Drum Stick Holder

Ever seen a broken drumstick?

Ever seen how a drummer reacts when he breaks a stick during a live gig?

Well, if you were at a real gig, the drummer would always have spare sticks near him.

A drumstick holder is something most pro or serious drummers use to store their spare sticks while they drum.

This drum stick holder from String Swing can be clipped onto most stands, so you don’t have to worry if it fits.

It is made from heavy duty steel construction and comes with a lifetime structural warranty too.

Plus, it’s proudly made in the U.S.A.

Our review of the String Swing Drumstick Holder

I’m using a rather ‘small’, standard drum set up that only includes a hi-hat, a snare, 3 toms, a base and 2 cymbals. This means I do have space to conveniently include this drumstick holder to my setup.

Now, if your drummer boyfriend uses a crazily big drum set up or something complicated like this…

Source: Wikipedia

This drumstick holder is just not going to work for him because there’s just no space for it.

Space issue aside, I’ve got to admit that the design of the drumstick holder clip is ingenious.

Plus, it comes with an anti slip padding which means I didn’t have to worry about the holder sliding off while I jam.

This simple drum accessory could save your boyfriend the pain of having to search for drumsticks during a gig or a jamming session should accidents happen. Click to find out more about the drumstick holder on Amazon.

Sex Wax


Look beyond the innuendo and it’s a really useful drum accessory for drummers who have trouble gripping their sticks.

If your drummer boyfriend has dry hands or has ever complained that he tend to drop his sticks or have thrown his drumsticks, then this is for him.

Just rub sex wax onto his sticks and he’ll never worry about slippery drumsticks ever again.

Our review of the Sex Wax Drumstick Wax

The sex was was originally made for surfers who needed a little more grip on their boards but got sold to drummers who suffered from ‘slippery palms’.

And I’ve got to admit, I really appreciated the extra grip provided by sex wax.

You’ll only notice how hard you’ve been gripping the stick after using it.

There have been feedback that the wax may be transferred to the  drums or cymbals.

I’ve also found that if you apply a thinner later of sex wax, it wouldn’t transfer to the cymbals.

I find the drumstick wax to be particularly useful when I’m using a pair of drumsticks with smooth finish.

And the extra grip meant that I could relax my hands and play a few more songs.

Meinl Cymbal Sizzler

Meinl Cymbals BACON Cymbal Sizzler

Impress your boyfriend with this simple accessory that will make his cymbals more prominent by giving it the ability to ‘sizzle’.

Basically, the ‘sizzle’ refers to the additional vibrations of the cymbals after the drummer hits it.

This is a sizzling cymbal in slow motion:

The Meinl Cymbal Sizzler features a chain of balls that is hung on top of drum cymbals to give it the sizzle effect.

It’s simple to use and remove, all you need to do is to slot the round ring over the top of the cymbal stand, and let the chain of balls hang loose.

When you no longer need the sizzler, just take it off.

Our review of the Meinl Cymbal Sizzler

Who knew we could extend the sound of the cymbals with such a simple accessory?

Although not used in all the songs, the Cymbal Sizzler does indeed gives the drummer more options.

Even a basic drum fill sounds kinda different, just by putting the sizzler on.

It’s really an interesting accessory to own and experiment with.

Learn more about the Meinl Cymbal Sizzler here

Gifts for a boyfriend who drums too loud or too much 😉

I know, drums can be really noisy and unbearable at times. But that doesn’t have to be the reason for unhappiness in your relationship, get this:



Ever heard of air drumming?

The Aerodrums is definitely one of the products that is pushing the boundaries of drumming, it has brought air drumming into reality with a rather realistic sounding ‘kit’.

The founders even made the news for rejecting £75,000 on reality TV!

Now drummers can practice and jam silently without disturbing their neighbours, room mates or girlfriend.

This Aerodrums set comes with:

  • 2 drum sticks with reflective balls
  • 2 foam triangles with elastic loops: the “foot markers”
  • 1 donut shaped lamp with a lens and a USB plug: the “lamp”
  • 1 Sony PlayStation 3 Eye High Speed Camera

Can’t imagine how it works? Here:

Our review of the Aerodrums

The Aerodrum works by detecting movement through lights reflected off the sticks and foot reflectors. There is no apparent lag which makes the playing experience pretty surreal and interesting at the same time.

This means the drummer still needs a minimum area of space when playing the Aerodrums.

Make sure to check that the version you get comes with the Playstation eye. This is required for the Aerodrums to work.

If your boyfriend drums on a drum kit regularly, he might take a while to get used to the lack of rebound, the need to rely on his wrist to drum and the position of the sticks, but…

Even though it doesn’t feel anything like a real drum (you’re swinging the sticks in the air after all), but the samples in the Aerodrums are pretty convincing.

The best part? The system is simple to set up and store, so you don’t need to dedicate much space to the drums at home.

All you need is to find a suitable spot, drum, then keep everything in its box after the drumming session.

Find out more about what other drummers say about the Aerodrums on Amazon.

Mini Finger Drum Set Touch Drumming

Liberty Imports Electronic Mini Finger Drum
  • Dimension: 7 x 6 x 4 in
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Batteries not included

This is a fun finger triggered drumkit which is perfect as a display on a drummer’s workdesk.

Or…as a hint that his drumming is a tad too loud.

Has a built-in recording mode that allows you to playback your drum solo.

Our thoughts on the Mini Finger Drumset

The volume on this toy isn’t too loud, but it can be pretty annoying if you are randomly triggering the pieces.

Keep this in mind if you are considering it as a gift.

Otherwise, it is a pretty fun toy for when a drummer is being kept away from his drums.

Gifts for the collector

If your drummer boyfriend likes to collect drum stuff…this section is filled with gift ideas that will excite him.

Drumstick Wall Display Case

Drumstick Display Case

Most drummers have that 1 special of drumsticks that they love, and this is the case to display it:

  • Overall Size: 6″ x 21″ x 1 5/8″
  • Choice of 11 colors for the frame, with a black inner mat.
  • Ready to hang

This is a made to order drumstick display case.

It unscrews from the back so that you can place your drumsticks in without potentially scratching them.

The drumsticks are held in place using clear & sturdy elastic clips.

Our thoughts on the Drumstick Wall Display Case

If your boyfriend owns drumstick(s) that belonged to his favorite drummer, or a pair of sticks that had been autographed, then he definitely needs this case.

I don’t know about you, but there have been lucky instances where I managed to grab a flying guitar pick or drumstick (super rare!) during a concert.

These were all tough battles, considering the horde of fans around me who were also trying to grab the same pick or drumstick…

That drumstick that I got was in a pretty bad shape I got to say. Unfortunately, my brother threw it out accidentally when our family moved.


I really wished I had thought of getting a frame or a case for it. [Check out this drumstick display case on Amazon now]

And just maybe, my brother might have had the sense to at least try to sell it off on craigslist or ebay.

Now if your boyfriend is a little more lucky than I ever will be, he probably has several pairs of signed drumsticks. In that case, the next gift idea will suit him better:

GBA Acrylic Collector Drumstick Rack

Acrylic Collector Drumstick Rack

Does your boyfriend own too many drumsticks?

This might be a great way to store or even convert them into a nice display piece:

  • Overall Size: 20.5” x 7” x 3”
  • Screws and wall mounting anchors provided
  • Clean, clear acrylic design
  • Holds up to 10 pairs of drumsticks

Our review on the Acrylic Collector Drumstick Rack by GBA

Personally, I’m using this to store rather than display my drumsticks.

Over the course of learning to drum, I’ve inadvertently ended up with several pairs of drumsticks as I was exploring for a suitable pair of drumsticks.

Many of them are now on this rack in my room.

The clean design of the acrylic rack really helps to bring the focus onto the drumsticks.

This is great for collectors who have rare drumsticks or signature drumsticks that they really love and want to show off to their guests.

If your boyfriend has a habit of collecting drum sticks, this acrylic drumstick rack allows him to show the world the best of his collection.

Original Drums Patent Art Prints by Lone Star Art

Original Drums Patent Art Prints

If your boyfriend appreciates art and love drumming, consider the original drum patent prints as a gift. They will be beautiful and inspiring as display pieces in any drummer’s drum room or studio.

Comes with:

  • 4 different 8″ x 10″ prints
  • Unframed

Original drum patent printed in its full glory on sturdy, thick Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Prints are carefully packaged in a flat packaging.

Our review on the Drum Art Prints by Lone Star Art

I have no idea how Lone Star Art did it, but they managed to reproduce the original drum patent documents in high quality large print, and it’s breathtaking.

You’ve got to see it in order to appreciate the details they managed to capture.

Do note that these do not come with frames.

But hey, this also means you get to choose the frames for your prints and get them framed up the prints separately. You can find simple frames like these on Amazon too.

If you and your boyfriend are into art (and drumming) or if your boyfriend is a drum geek, this is the gift to consider.

3D Drum Set Metal Model Kit

3D Drum Set Metal Model Kit
  • Model Size: 3.2″ x 2.15″ x 2.05″
  • No glue required for assembly
  • You’ll need a wire cutter or a pair of scissors
  • Comes unassembled
  • Difficulty level: Moderate

Our review on the 3D Drum Set Model

It looks great on my table. 🙂 Too cute!

A minor thing to note is that due to the amount of details on this model, it can be quite fragile.

You will want to take special care so that you don’t break anything when you are building the model.

I wished I had mini drumsticks that I could drum with on this kit. Browse the drum set and other 3D models on Amazon.

Drum Set Cufflinks
  • Handmade
  • 2 x 19mm dome glass silver cuff links
  • Design can be personalised
  • comes in a sleek box, ready to be given out as a gift
  • 90-days money back guarantee

Our thoughts on the Cuff Links

A subtle way to tell the world you love drumming. Cufflinks have always been an easy gift idea.

Now you can go a step further with personalised cuff link designs.

It’s a practical and cute gift, what else can we say.

Gifts for the all-rounded musician boyfriend

If your boyfriend’s musical sense has always impressed you and you want to help him get better, these gifts will definitely bring his game to the next level:

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad

This electronic pad will let your boyfriend combine his musical prowess while he drums.

Read our Roland SPD SX pad review above, or find out more about the Roland SPD-SX on Amazon now.

Pearl 9 Note Tongue Drum

pearl 9 tongue steel drum

Also commonly referred to as a handpan, an idiopan or a tank drum, there are several variations of this instruments by size and pitch.

The Pearl 9 Notes Tongue Drum features:

  • 10″ diameter hardened Steel shell
  • 9 Precision laser cut tongues
  • 3 rubber isolation feet
  • Comes with Rubber mallets

Our review of Pearl 9 Notes Tongue Steel Drum

Calming“; is the first word that comes to mind when I hear the music of the tongue steel drum.

Just listen to it:

Mastering the tongue steel drum takes a while, I’m still trying to learn how to play and tune it.

You can choose to play it with the rubber mallets or using your hands.

Oh, and it comes with a sound output jack so that you can feed the sound of the tank drum into your mixer or electronic pad as samples too.

If your boyfriend likes exploring new options in his music, this will be an interesting instrument for him.

Jumbie Jam Steel Drum


Another version of the steel drum, the concave Jumbie Jam steel drum sounds like a whole other instrument.

Here, listen to how it sounds:

Here are the dimensions:

  • 8 pounds
  • 16 x 16 x 42 inches

You can immediately start playing without having to refer to a manual because every note is clearly labelled on the drum itself.

Kids are also learning about music using this very same steel drum.

Our review of Jumbie Steel Drum

It feels weird to have melodic sounds coming from a drum, but these steel drums are really nice to play and listen too.

Plus, the Jumbie Steel drum is so much more fun because it’s way easier to learn.

The only downside is that I still prefer the sounds from the convex Tongue Steel Drums instead.

Oh, this comes with an instructional CD as well, so you too can learn how to play the steel drum with your boyfriend.

Timber Drum Co. T18-M Slit Tongue Log Drum


🙁 this is temporarily sold out

This classy piece of wooden drum is known as the Slit Tongue drum or Xylodrum.

It features:

  • a warm wooden resonance
  • 6 distinctive tones
  • Comes with soft rubber mallets
  • Made from solid Tennessee hardwood
  • Finished by hand

And this is how it sounds:

Our review of Slit Tongue Drum by Timber Drum Co.

There are several variations of the slit tongue drum, each focusing on different tonal ranges.

I got the medium drum which is the same one in the video above.

I love the warm woody, earthy, tribal sound from the drums. Again, learning to play can take some time, but it only features 6 tones so its really easy to start playing.

The designers have also provided two holes at one end of the slits for use as a mallet holder, which is really nifty for keeping the mallets too.

I’ve also drilled a hole at the base of the slit drum to insert a small microphone in.

This slit tongue drum really goes well with a cajon and is a fun instrument to have around when jamming.


Well, we’ve reached the end of our list of gift ideas for a drummer boyfriend.

If you are still wondering, click here to refer to our summary table at the top of this article 🙂

Did you find something that suits your boyfriend?

Let me know in the comments below!

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